Enhancing Participation with Promptings


Enhancing Student Participation with Promptings

Written by: Christina, Christine


Student participation plays an important role in class, which includes speaking opportunities, platform tasks and/or interaction with teachers. Especially, whether students are able to practice speaking and pronunciation often throughout the whole lesson is one of the aspects that students and families care the most.

If you are taking charge of the whole class, you may think about what to do to engage all students to participate as a group. So, prompting is the key to initiating group work as it helps you catch all students' attention and keep them engaged. Here are some examples you could try in class.

  • To Catch the Attention of the Whole Class

1) Call ' everyone/ students/ class' etc. to catch the attention of the whole class

2) Go through everyone's name quickly

3) Use varied intonations for teacher talk

4) Have more vivid facial expression and active body language

5) Use platform tools: highlight tools( spotlight/ highlight wand/ markers), stickers

6) Use signpost expressions such as ' Oh look!'


  • To Prompt Ss to Participate in Class Activities

1) Precise verbal instructions : listen and repeat/ click click/ your turn/ now you try/ come on/ Let's... etc.

2) Prompting gestures: inviting gestures/clicking gestures/ pointing to the mouth and cupping the ear /fingers or clapping to chunk etc.


However, while teachers are conducting group work, they might notice some of the students look less participant for some reason. Commonly, calling students' names is highly recommended. The following are some student cases and possible approaches to focus their attention and invite active participation:

Shy/ quiet

To encourage them more by using individual-tailored feedback and use more encouraging gestures such as high-five to interact with individuals

E.g. Oh Koby, good reading! Way to go!

Less advanced/ slow

To offer more hints to support Ss by using guiding questions/tools/ body languages to produce target languages etc.


To invite Ss to show up,

 E.g. Koby! let me see you! Where are you?

Distracted (keep eating, playing, talking to family, etc.)

To draw their attention back with stickers/ exaggerating intonations or facial expressions.

If failed, teachers could also report to CCT to contact the family.  

No matter you are a newbie or a seasoned Qkids teacher, we hope this blog gives you some idea about "Student Participation". You are more than welcome to share with us if you have any thoughts!

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