Diverse Roles of Online Teachers

Diverse Roles of Teachers

Written by Qkids Coaches

Does a teacher only teach in class? 

The answer would be NO - The role of a teacher in class should not be changeless.  With classes going forward, teachers should not stay in the traditional role set but try to play a different part in the classroom to achieve teaching goals.  What do teachers do in an online classroom? 

✅ They Are the Organizers of Activities

We achieve teaching objectives thru different teaching activities.  As teachers, your goal is to be an excellent organizer in class - creatively set up and carry out these activities where kids can practice better.  You can vary the practice formats according to the objective of a section, students’ age, and learning ability.

 They Are the Disseminators of Knowledge

Teachers are best known for the role of disseminating knowledge to students.  They typically follow a course curriculum and develop various teaching activities which ensure students would understand.

 They Are the Helpers of Students Participation

It’s easy to predict that students will encounter some difficulties in learning during class.  We recommend that teachers observe kids’ facial expressions, fluency, waiting time and then offer support timely.  Not only can teachers use words and gestures to facilitate kids but also tools like the Highlighter and Text-board.

✅ They Are the Creators of a Harmonious Classroom Environment

Teachers also serve a role in providing a safe classroom environment for students.  All students are willing to study in a warm and happy environment, in which they are allowed to make mistakes and share different ideas.  Teachers are responsible for creating a mutually respectful classroom where students may feel comfortable. 

✅ They Are the Best Study Buddies   


Kids won’t learn from the ones they don’t like.  Being one of them is an effective way to show I like you - be their friends.  You can cheer them up with stickers when they are shy or in silence; clap for their success and encourage them for their efforts.  The important part of being their best study buddies in class is to respect the differences between you and the kids.  Be inclusive and responsive when they are sharing things in class, as that truly matters to them.

✅ Teachers Are Good Learners Too

Kids are not the only ones learning in a class.  Teachers can also learn a lot thru class interactions.  One of the most challenging parts for educators is objectively evaluating their performance in class as teachers. That’s why ‘Self-Reflection’ helps us think deep as to how to improve. How do we up our games for the following lessons? How to avoid the same problem or be prepared when it does come up again? With all these questions asked, we are trying to be good learners.


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