Top 4 Reasons Why Qkids Is Awesome

Hi guys! I’m Teacher Karlie. 

I’ve been a teacher with Qkids for over three years, and I love it! I still wake up every day excited to teach a new student and it’s all because of Qkids. 

Here is why I think Qkids is awesome!

Why Qkids Is Awesome

1. Understanding

Whenever I’ve been sick or needed a day to sleep in, Qkids has always been super understanding. I just request off in the app and let them know what’s going on if it’s more than a couple days. They’ve always been very accommodating and honestly, it’s nice to know they understand that stuff does happen from time to time.

2. Props

Qkids doesn’t require props! The lessons are designed to engage students through an interactive platform that has fun and exciting games. I always enjoy the game where MoMo could get eaten by sharks. I will say, I do still use props especially with the youngsters. It’s a great way to get the students comfortable and add some extra pizzazz. However, it’s a big relief to know that props are not a requirement.

3. The Characters

My favorite part of working for Qkids is the characters. Koby Koala and MoMo Monkey are just the cutest! There are also several other characters too. Jack, Jay, Wendy, Frank Fox, Sherry Sheep, and Dory Duck to name a few. These characters make the lessons so much more entertaining and engaging for not just the students but for teachers as well. I always love how everything goes wrong for Koby and he’s always late.

4. Qkids Staff

Without the staff at Qkids, online teaching would not be the same. They are the most respectful and understanding team I have had the pleasure of working with. Thank you for always helping and encouraging us as teachers!

Shaping the future of E-learning together! Helping Qkids family grow in your own way!

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