7 Tips to Navigate the Hiring Process With Qkids in 2021


Hello, new recruits! My name is Teacher Angela. I am a new teacher with Qkids, and you may be wondering why I am writing a post so soon into my Qkids career. I am writing because I can so clearly remember the hiring process!  

Yes, the hiring process is challenging, exciting, and at times stressful. However, rest assured; it is worth it!! 

How to Navigate the 2021 Hiring Process

Here are my top 7 pieces of advice for anyone trying to navigate the hiring process with Qkids in 2021:

1.  Apply when you know that you will have the availability!

Qkids has a wonderful hiring process that was created to determine if you are a good fit for the company, as well as to train you on Qkids’ philosophy, to teach you how to use their interactive teaching/learning platform, and to help you to become a skilled online teacher. It is a rigorous process, and any recruit will want to make sure that they can dedicate early mornings for their Demo interview, Mock Interview, as well as 2-5 trial classes. The entire process takes about two weeks to complete.

In addition to early mornings, expect to dedicate about 4+ hours learning to use the platform and practicing for your mock class and trial classes. The more you prepare the less nervous you will feel!

2. Ensure that your application video is within the allotted time!  

Time management is an important part of online ESL teaching. You want to show Qkids that you can adhere to time limits.

3.  Have your background decorated for the application video!  

This helps your presentation look professional and it indicates to Qkids that you are ready to begin teaching anytime.  

Here is a screenshot from my application video. I decorated a fun and educational background, and I was mindful of including my name, “Teacher Angela”!

4.  Practice the timing before the Mock Class!  

Your mock class will take approximately 25 minutes. To begin, you will be asked to teach the first 7 slides in 15 minutes. After the 7th slide, you will take your coach to the final slide for a wrap-up celebration. 

5.  You do not need to worry about the microphone and repeat buttons for slide 7 in the Mock Rehearsal Classroom 2021!

As you begin teaching for Qkids, you will notice that some slides have the microphone and repeat buttons, and you will need to remember to use those buttons when teaching, however, there is no microphone and repeat buttons on slide 7 in the Mock Rehearsal Classroom at this time. Do not be alarmed that you cannot find them!

6.  Bring a few fun props to use as conversation starters for your trial classes! 

During my trial classes, I entered the classroom before the 3-minute mark, and I had extra time to interact with the students. After introducing myself and putting each child on stage, I showed the students a picture of my puppy, which was a great way to draw shy students into the conversation, and it helped me fill the time until 0:00 (class start time).

Since my trial lessons, I have gathered other fun conversation starters such as:

  • My children’s Lego creations

  • 4 mini sports balls

  • A bin of different animal figurines

7. Remember - Students who enter the classroom late will not have the same number of diamonds as the other students!  

Firstly, you are probably wondering…what are diamonds!?! Diamonds are the Qkids’ reward system. Teachers click a button on the toolbar or under each child’s screen to award diamonds. Teachers are expected to award between 60-80 diamonds per student in each class. They must not leave a gap of more than 5 diamonds between the highest diamond earner and the lowest diamond earner.

Ok, this next point is a little embarrassing, but I felt it was worth mentioning because I would like to save someone else from the same mistake.

In my 3rd trial lesson, I had a student arrive late and therefore had not earned as many diamonds as the other students. I was very worried that the gap was larger than 5, so I continued to give him an extra diamond here or there to help him catch up. Consequently, I incurred an ‘orange tag’ (this is constructive feedback from a parent). Thankfully, my coach was very understanding and used this opportunity to explain the fair application of diamonds. 

If a child is late for class, Qkids understands that there may be a gap of larger than 5 diamonds for this student. For good measure, I always make a note that the child was late. Teachers can make note of tardiness on the evaluation form at the end of class. 

I hope these tips are helpful!  If you have any other questions or would like help navigating the hiring process, feel free to use my referral code when applying and reach out to me via email. Good luck and happy teaching!!

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