Qkids Without Coffee: Tips on Staying Energized During Early Morning Classes


Qkids without coffee! I bet that caught your attention. 

I am Teacher Kara and I live in the Pacific North West with my family. I absolutely love being a Qkids teacher. 

Most people are shocked when I tell them I wake up at 2:30 am every day and that I don’t drink coffee. I know you are probably thinking OK so she must have energy drinks or caffeinated tea, there is no way she is doing this without something - but I don’t use any caffeine at all. So if you are trying to kick your coffee habit or just want some tips on staying energized during your early morning classes, please read on!

Qkids Without Coffee

1.Track your sleep cycles and go to bed on time. 

Tracking your sleep cycles helps to make sure you are optimizing your REM and non-REM sleep. By doing this you are making sure that you are not disrupting your deep sleep. You will wake up more easily and feel more refreshed, even if you are only getting a short amount of sleep. I get 4-5 hours of sleep which allows for 3 sleep cycles. There are phone apps out there that can do this, but I like using the website https://startsleeping.org/. You tell it what time you want to wake up and it gives different optimal times to go to sleep. I also recommend the Calm app for falling asleep on time. My favorite part of the Calm app is sleep stories. They help quiet my mind and fall asleep in 10 or 15 minutes. Seriously, who doesn’t love falling asleep to the sound of some of your favorite celebrities reading you a bedtime story?

2.Get a vibrating alarm.

The vibrating alarm on my fitness tracker has been life-changing. It is a much gentler way for the body to wake up than the sound of an alarm blaring. I wake up feeling happier and don’t feel the need to hit the snooze button half a dozen times.  It also means my family sleeps peacefully through me getting up which is a huge bonus. 

3.Have a morning routine. 

Routine is everything. I do the same thing every morning - get up, turn on my computer and make sure there are no app updates, then I start my electric tea kettle (for herbal tea), go to the bathroom, take my vitamins, brush my teeth, wash my face, braid my hair, make my tea, and while my tea is steeping I do 5-15 minutes of yoga depending on how much time I have. My final step is to put on lipstick and do my system checks. 

4.Drink water and hot herbal tea.

Staying hydrated is key. I find drinking 16 oz of water with my vitamins in the morning makes a huge difference. I also always have an uplifting hot herbal tea with honey to sip on. My favorite teas for energy without caffeine are rooibos teas. I also enjoy ginger, lemongrass or lemon balm, and peppermint for lifting my spirits in the morning. 

5.Try a standing desk.

If you haven’t tried standing to teach, why not? I feel so much more energized when I stand to teach. It improves circulation and posture, plus it is so much easier to do TPR and utilize your camera space. I sometimes even break a sweat while I am teaching, especially during the Starter classes. 

6.Take off your headphones between classes.

Seriously taking your headphones off between classes makes a world of difference. Even if I don’t do anything else between classes, taking my headphones off for even a few minutes makes me feel ten times better. 

7.Move your body!

Make use of those 6 minutes you have between classes! But wait, don't we have a 10-minute break? Technically yes but you need to be in the classroom at least 3 minutes before class and you want to give yourself a little bit of wiggle room to make sure you are on time. I have a playlist of short yoga videos cued up and ready to go on my phone. My favorite is Song Yoga on YouTube. It is yoga workouts set to upbeat music and many are 3 to 4 minutes so they are perfect to squeeze in between classes. If yoga isn’t your thing doing some quick stretches or jumping jacks can work too, just get the blood flowing. 

8.Have a snack.

Keeping healthy snacks on hand can help boost your energy. I always keep fruit, nuts, and usually yogurt at my desk for a little pick me up!

9.Nap or meditate.

Not during teaching hours of course, but if you can fit a nap into your day do it! I take a 20-minute nap each day when I put my 1-year-old down for her nap. I set my 4-year-old up with a tv show and I go to sleep then he wakes me up when his show is done. 20 minutes is an ideal time to re-energize and not end up groggy. On the days my husband is home I will do a 90-minute nap. If I can’t get in an actual nap finding time to meditate using the Calm app. 


Finally smile. Sometimes just making the conscious effort to smile is enough to give me the energy to keep going. 

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