3 Quick Tips to Make the Classroom Fun


So, you’re wondering how to make your classroom a little more fun? Questioning if your teaching styles are in need of some spice or life? Maybe you’ve seen your students yawning, tapping their fingers, or even cutting hair in your class. Well, I have got some techniques for you!  

My name’s Teacher Karlie. I’ve been teaching with Qkids for almost four years. It’s been a hoot! There’s never a dull morning in a Qkids class. Now, let me tell you three ways I add some fun to the classroom. 

How to Make the Classroom Fun 

1. Make EVERYTHING a game  

Let’s face it. Some areas are not the students' favorite. For example, the I-path slide. I  can instantly see the students' faces frown when this part comes up. So, one way I like to make it fun is by counting. 1-2-3 GO! Students race to shout out the answer “coke.” Then, we usually make a sentence using the vocabulary word and then race to answer the next word. It’s a good way to keep everyone focused and awake.

2. Add some fur friends to your lessons  

Got any pets nearby? You can use them in your lesson! I had a silly lesson yesterday. It teaches students different ways to care for their pets. Bathing the dog, playing with the cat, grooming the dog, and even cleaning up the poop. Halfway through, the lesson talks about playing with the cat, so naturally, I held up my kitten and asked if he likes to play with cats? The student's face dropped in awe and then I saw a giant smile and a thumbs up. It’s really fun to watch the students’ reactions when they see my pets.  


3. Bring on the theatrics

Now, I really enjoy making the lessons theatrical. I scream when there’s a ghost, I run away from the tornadoes, I turn the lights off during a blackout, I sing B-I-N-G-O B-I-N-G O B-I-N-G-O and ____ got a bingo when someone gets a bingo and I show gemstones when we talk about Jack and the cheese burglar. Not only does it bring the stories in the lessons to life, but it brings the classroom to life, too.

So, there you have it. Those are some of the ways I make my classrooms a little more fun. Hope you enjoy the read. Have a good one!

Teacher Karlie 😊

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