9 Things That Are Useful to Have on Hand Before or While Teaching

Teaching for Qkids is fun! But, there are many reasons why I have loved this job.  To begin with, let me share my background.  I am a mom of now two adult daughters. One of which I homeschooled for eleven years.  (That was impressive in itself for me, who never imagined that I would ever homeschool.) But, what an amazing journey it was!

My background is diverse. I have a degree in physical therapy, am certified as a health coach and Hoop Love Coach (hula hooping teacher), and have a license in physical therapy. Some jobs that I have had, or currently have, ranged from being a toddler teacher, circus performer/teacher, health coach, physical therapist assistant, home educator, and more. 

I love being part of people’s lives by encouraging education while having fun and enjoying life. I believe these things combined are the recipe to thrive in life. Qkids fits that mold exactly. I am glad that I found Qkids for my newest stage in life as my youngest daughter transitioned to college.

Here are nine things that are useful to have on hand before or while teaching for Qkids and why I like them:

1. A Glass of Water:  

Before I start my classes for the day, I make sure to grab a glass of water. This is essential. Teaching for Qkids requires a lot of talking. This often produces dry mouth and can lead to coughing. I don't want to have a coughing fit in the middle of class. Keeping a glass of water off to the side is very helpful to have. While students are doing an activity, a teacher can lean sideways quickly and take a sip without missing a beat.  

2.  A Scarf: 

I actually have a few fun scarves. Qkids teachers teach at very early hours. This requires jumping out of bed and getting to your computer. Scarves can make a teacher look nice instantly. You can teach in the t-shirt you went to bed in, just throw a pretty scarf on top and you look very presentable. Varying your scarves can be great conversation starters as well. I have one with flowers, pandas, and even penguins.

3. A Brush and/or Hair Accessory: 

Again, getting up at early hours to teach requires Qkids teachers to be presentable in a short period of time. Having a brush and hair accessory on hand helps to speed the process along. My typical routine is to run a brush through my hair and throw in a headband.

4.  A Hand Clapper: 

These can be procured at most dollar stores. It is a device that you hold with one hand and wave about to make a clapping sound. I find that most kids love this extra attention as a reward for their great progress.

5. Flashcards: 

I have flashcards of different types; colors, shapes, animals, activities, etc. These are great to have on hand when there is extra time left and you would like to reinforce concepts with the children. They can also be used during the introduction time before class starts.

6. An Interesting Background: 

Again a great background can be a conversation starter. This is useful when teachers are doing introductions before class starts. The teacher might show on a map where he or she lives and discuss the decor in the background. I have my background on a curtain rod behind my regular curtains.  When class is over, I can shut the outside curtains and school is put away for the day. Some ideas for backgrounds can be letters, shapes, maps, the teacher's name, or colors. 

7. A Picture of Qkids Masks: 

This I keep on my phone. I took a picture of the options for masks that students can pick from on the last slide when they are on stage celebrating a great class. This way the students know what they can choose from. I hold up my phone to the camera so they can see. You could also do this for stickers if you like as well. Another option is to print a copy of the choices and hold a paper up to show what they can pick from. 

8.  Fun Accessories to Put On Yourself When Students Are on Stage: 

I have an assortment of fun accessories that include wigs, crowns, and even a dinosaur head.   The kids find it amusing when a teacher joins in the fun. It is another way to celebrate them. I find this particularly helpful to allow the first two students to have more time with their masks on. Students can be on stage two at a time. I put the first two students up and have them choose their masks and/or stickers, then throw on my silly costume, followed by the last two students up on the stage to pick out their masks and or stickers.

9.  A Piece of Paper and a Pen: 

I keep a paper and pen nearby to jot down some notes during class. Before class, I write down each of the students' names. Then during the lesson, I make quick notes. For instance, if a student is having tech issues, I notify CCT and write a "T" near their name. I can also note things like participation level with a quick note of stars like "**". I also may write an "L" near a student's name to note that the student came late to class. This is very helpful when it comes time for grading after the class ends with the evaluation. I also make a note on the paper of slides that I may want to return to if there is extra time.  Maybe students need more practice with the vocabulary words, or reading sentences. I can write the number "3" to return back to the third slide if there is additional time left at the end.

While Qkids does not require teachers to have these things, I find they are very helpful in having a smooth, productive class. I hope they can be a help to you too! Happy Teaching!

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