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9 Things That Are Useful to Have on Hand Before or While Teaching

Teaching for Qkids is fun! But, there are many reasons why I have loved this job.  To begin with, let me share my background.  I am a mom of now two adult daughters. One of which I homeschooled for eleven years.  (That was impressive in itself for me, who never imagined that I would ever homeschool.) But, what an amazing journey it was! My background is diverse. I have a degree in physical therapy, am certified as a health coach and Hoop Love Coach (hula hooping teacher), and have a license in physical therapy. Some jobs that I have had, or currently have, ranged from being a toddler teacher, circus performer/teacher, health coach, physical therapist assistant, home educator, and more.  I love being part of people’s lives by encouraging education while having fun and enjoying life. I believe these things combined are the recipe to thrive in life. Qkids fits that mold exactly. I am glad that I found Qkids for my newest stage in life as my youngest daughter transitioned to college.

Techniques to Help Keep Good Pacing

  Techniques to Help Keep Good Pacing   Written by: Kerry, Lucier, Ivy, Lucy Proofread by: Lucy, Ivy Ideas contributed by: ChloeZ, Christina, Dana, Kerry, Lucier, Ivy, Lucy   You often hear, among all these elements of a lesson, that pacing is the least important one... Or is it? It is really having no impact on the quality of your lesson? If your answer is yes, then you might want to think again. If you try to look through both teachers’ and students’ lenses, the cloud of confusion might clear up a little.     Learning does not take place with just a click, a proper allocation of time can profoundly contribute to students’ learning experience and sense of participation.   Good pacing can help ensure that students are given enough input and have enough practice of the target language. This also means leaving sufficient time for students to process and allowing teachers to appear prepared so that students are more likely to stay focused knowing that teacher is trying to take care of the