Are Tenses Making You Tense?

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Are Tenses Making You Tense?

I teach mostly upper classes from L5 and above. I have fixed students in L6 and found teaching them the present tense and the past tense was a little challenging! But, there are tips and tricks to help them along the way and be successful learners! So don’t get tense!

When they learn words like 'break', 'play', 'take', 'buy', 'feed', 'throw' or 'do'. It can be challenging to get them to learn the past tense such as 'played', 'took', 'bought', 'fed', 'threw' or 'did'.
I start by asking them, “What if you did this yesterday?” to see if they know any in the past tense.

What I found helpful is to use the text box first to show them what the past tense would be by typing 'play = played (past tense)'.
Then as we progress in the lesson, I use the text box again to have a list on the screen with the past tenses to choose from as they answer the questions or fill in the blanks. It helps them to see the words, and of course, I correct them as we go!

On the practice sentences screen for 'does'/'did', I put them at the top, so they can choose the one that works!

On the review sentences, I put the possible past tense verbs on the screen so they can pick the one that fits!

When learning the tenses, I use the marker to circle 'feeds'/'fed' to help them see the difference.

On the practice the past tense screen, I put a list of the words they can use to fill in the blank to make the sentence past tense.

It can be very stressful to teach them tenses, but when they get it, they get it and we celebrate their success!

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