Fun With Qkids: Meet E-Green


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Fun With Qkids: Meet E-Green 

The Cast of Qkids 

Qkids is a wonderful company with an expansive array of lessons that cover a multitude of different subjects. To guide us through the journey of learning, we follow a group of unique characters in their everyday lives and on many adventures. The two mascots everyone is familiar with are the infamous Momo Monkey and Koby Koala, which pioneer the majority of the escapades alongside a little boy named Jack and his friend Lily. However, there is a diverse cast of secondary characters featured in Qkids, including the anthropomorphic family and classmates of Momo and Koby, who live in Animal City; the E.T. friends from Planet X, who live in Kiwi City; and of course Jack with his family and friends, who live in Jacksville. Of the entire cast, there is one whom is so well-developed, yet he stays in the background. Let's explore one of the most popular secondary characters in the group. That's 

We Meet Again, For the First Time 

We'll start at the beginning with some interesting facts about our favorite lime-colored alien. E-Green may look young, but he is actually over 200 years old! He definitely looks great for his age. We first meet E-Green in L1 Unit 3, where the lessons introduce body parts and how to describe appearances.  Momo had ventured to Planet X while following a radio transmission and was curious to see for herself the strange aliens whom described themselves so uniquely.  


A Chance Encounter  

It was a stroke of luck E-Green met Momo, because 3 years ago, E-Green was once a gardener on  Planet X with the responsibility to take care of the very rare Gemstone tree. Unfortunately, the tree died while under his watch, which cost him his job. When he met Momo Monkey, it inspired him to explore places beyond his world, and so he accompanied her back to Earth in his spaceship. Unfortunately, they suffered from some mechanical failure, causing them to spiral out of control until they crashlanded in  Jack's backyard in a smoking heap, but luckily unscathed.  



E-Green was intrigued by people and wanted to learn more about them, but he was a bit overzealous in exploring, and Momo lost track of her new little friend. The pink little monkey put up posters everywhere in Animal City in the hopes someone had spotted him, sadly, to no avail. It will be a year before they're reunited.  



E-Green DMD/DDS 

It's revealed that E-Green traveled to the peculiar metropolis of Kiwi City, where he became a dentist at a small clinic, and subsequently moved into Green Building.  


With his practice and residence set up, he then sent Momo a letter and invited her to visit him. Momo was thrilled to hear from him again and enlisted Koby to join her on a trip to Kiwi City. Of course, like anyone who goes to a strange city they've never been to before, the two got lost multiple times while exploring the many attractions the city had to offer, but with help from the local kiwi birds, they found their way and eventually met up with E-Green. The trio had a great time at the zoo together, followed by a ride on the subway, and a stop by the restaurant to fill their famished tummies. After the enriching experience, Momo and Koby returned home to Animal City, and the fun of having friends nearby prompted E-Green to invite his old pals from Planet X to join him on Earth. 


The Fun Never Ends 

E-Orange the pilot, and E-Chief the firefighter moved into the same apartment complex as E-Green and became neighbors with the married E.T's, John the manager, and Jane the nurse. The group are shown to share a modern lifestyle as the lessons explore activities. We learn that E-Green likes to go to the gym with E-Chief and play golf with E-Orange, who is also a great cook. When Koby and Momo visit, they often bring snacks and have a big movie night at home on weekends. Who doesn't like to relax in front of the TV after a hard week? It's such a beautiful reflection of how close friends can be and how simple pleasures like making dumplings can make tons of laughter on top of treasured memories. 


However; danger always lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce on innocent prey! E-Green encountered such danger when the notorious Cheeseburglar found the secret of his previous occupation as caretaker of the rare Gemstone Tree and sought out a means to claim it for himself. 


The Gemstone Tree 


Over 2,000 years ago, a Gemstone seed mysteriously fell to Earth in a capsule with instructions of how to grow the seedling into a new tree. This was long before E-Green was born, so who sent this precious item remains unknown, but the events that followed are history.  

The capsule landed in ancient Egypt, where among the shifting sands of the scorching desert, a humble traveler stumbled upon the precious treasure and presented it to the great pharaoh with reverence. The  King of the Nile was amazed by its beauty and decreed it a sacred object of royalty to be passed down from generation to generation. Centuries passed, and the last pharaoh's tomb was eventually discovered, excavated, and transported to the History Museum along with the sacred Gemstone seed in tow. Thanks to forces inspired by a certain Ben Stiller movie, the pharaoh, along with the other exhibits, came to life to party every night under the blanket of moonlight.  


Foretold! A Hero Is Needed! 

E-Green was oblivious to the Gemstone's existence on Earth, but the connection would become apparent soon, thanks to a Crystal Ball Jack had received for Christmas that possessed the power to predict the future.  


The Crystal Ball informed Jack of the midnight celebrations, and being ever so curious, the adventurous boy decided to sneak into the museum to witness the incredible phenomenon himself. He noticed everyone was enjoying the nightly festivities, except for the pharaoh, whose Gemstone was stolen during the day when he was asleep. Jack had heard about the theft from the museum and was requested by the pharaoh to find his missing Gemstone since he is unable to leave the grounds. Jack accepted the challenge, but little did he know the ties the rare artifact had with his little dentist friend from Kiwi City. 

The Thief, The Stone, and The E.T. 


After an arduous investigation, Jack discovered the culprit was none other than the notorious Cheeseburglar, the master thief who had previously pilfered all the cheese from the residents of his apartment building on Pine Street. Using the Crystal Ball to chase down leads, Jack found that the Cheeseburglar's master plan was to kidnap E-Green and force him to take him to Planet X, so he could plant the Gemstone seed in its natural soil in order to grow his own tree. He was going to ravage the riches of the tree, sell the gems it produced, and use the fabulous wealth to buy all of the cheese in the world.  


Jack to the Rescue! 

By the time Jack got to E-Green, it was too late, he had already been captured by the villain. The boy wasn't going to rest until he saved his friend, and with the Crystal Ball leading the way, he was able to locate the secret hideout of the dastardly criminal.  


Jack called the police, but they didn't believe a word he said, which stating that a magic Crystal Ball told him an alien was kidnapped by a cheese addict is a bit hard to believe. Jack had to calculate a  rescue plan on his own before it was too late! He found out when the Cheeseburglar was going to leave the warehouse and decided that would be the opportune moment to spring into action. The plan was going smoothly, as Jack cleverly sent a picture of E-Green in distress to the police to prove he wasn't lying and to plea for backup. As Jack helped E-Green escape, they were both caught by the Cheeseburglar, who had returned unexpectedly to retrieve his wallet.  


They were in serious trouble as the ruffian robber was prepared to take both Jack and E-Green away in the spaceship. With no one to help them, the two looked like they were out of options and out of time;  however, Lady Luck revealed her hand and a police officer interrupted the Cheeseburlgar's travel plans.

Jack and E-Green were safe and sound and the Cheeseburglar was finally captured by the authorities.  E-Green felt the Gemstone seed was rightfully an heirloom of the pharaoh's, so he gave it to Jack to return to the museum, where the boy collected a handsome reward in exchange.  


Another Day, Another Adventure 

E-Green was really fortunate to have escaped such a perilous situation, that afterward, he felt he needed a holiday. Unfortunately, the little green gumball has a knack for landing in trouble, even when he took a much-anticipated cruise. E-Green was very excited to finally have a vacation, and he deserved it! On the itinerary, the ship made a stop on a deserted island so the passengers could enjoy the peaceful tranquility of nature. E-Green became enthralled with the joy of chasing a butterfly, and in his distraction, was incidentally left behind when the ship departed. Desperate, the little dentist wrote a  letter on a leaf and set it out to sea in a bottle in the hopes of rescue. Hopefully, he remembered to rate the cruise line accordingly. 


Make Lemons Out Of Lemonade 

While living as a castaway, he made the best of his time on the island by constructing a nice tree house and survived by making tools to gather fruits and catch fish. During the time Jack and his friends were searching for materials to repair and fuel the time machine, they came across the leaf in the bottle thanks to a friendly dolphin, and realized E-Green was in need of another rescue. The trio journeyed to the deserted island where they discovered the Swiss Family Robinson style home and eventually met up with their stranded old friend, no worse for the wear except for a healthy tan. He showed them how he survived and prospered on the island, which turned out to be a fun learning experience that outmatched any regular vacation. However; all good things must come to an end, and so they boarded the rowboat and left the beloved island to return to civilization.  


There's No Place Like Home 

E-Green then headed back to his home in Kiwi City, where he continues to use his skills in medicine to promote oral hygiene. He may be a secondary character, but needless to say, he definitely has his share of adventures! Who knows what's in store for the adorable green gumball? There's only one way to find out!  


Join E-Green and his friends for more fun-filled exciting quests by becoming a Qkids Teacher now!


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