Qkids Teacher Tips: Self-Care for at-Home Online Teachers

Self-Care for At-Home Online Teachers

My name is Chayla Soden. I am a Qkids teacher from the United States, a mom of one, a writer, and a dog trainer/breeder. I always enjoy great English literature and philosophy.

Self-care is arguably the most important thing we learn to incorporate into our lives as work-from-home teachers. It is quick to care for yourself working a 9-5 job, but when you are at home all day, every day, you may forget to do certain things that would otherwise benefit us! I have noticed that self-care is something quickly overlooked! So, in this post, we'll check out things we should be doing every day to make sure we are taking care of ourselves.


You may be surprised that I'm starting with friends, but friends are important! When working from home, we may begin to ignore friendships we had, or not pursue any new ones – isn't it so comfy just sitting at home all day, NOT being bothered with "drama", NOT having to put on an outfit for the day? "Oh my gosh, SHE'S calling me, I don't want to have to listen to her break up let alone put on a pair of pants!" Maybe, but is that healthy for you? No. Over time, ignoring your friends and dodging people that want to get to know you only lead you to seem unreliable. Would you really respect that person that ignores your phone calls and texts, or worse, completely bails when you had plans or flakes when you need them the most? No, you wouldn't. 

Try your best to make meaningful connections with people; even if they're just at Walmart! Really! Talk to the cashier, to other shoppers – within reason, of course, you can just say "hi, hello" and move on (that's what I do). Whether you feel like you do or not, you need people in your circle that you can talk to. If you're not in a city or have kids at home, and you haven't already, join the many Facebook groups with dedicated users. Because you know what? A big downside of working from home, for me, has been that I'm alone! I love going to work JUST so I can be with my coworkers! But I have found chatting with my coworkers online is a great way to stay connected.


Okay, the title to this one isn't as clear – but what I mean by bubbles is: take a bath! No, NOT because you're stinky (but seriously, I read that some people don't shower for an entire week… How do you do that? If you don't shower every day, start working on that)! I have found the secret to relaxation: a nice, hot bath. I love it. Sometimes I have fun and drink a glass of wine, or I play classical music, or I light a candle (or all of the above). It is ultimately the best thing that I can do in a day to make sure that I get that moment of "me-time".


What is that sound?  It's the sound of meditation; but to be honest, I've never actually made any noises when I meditated. Meditation is another one of those things that, if done properly and frequently, can totally change the way that you feel and, well, think. If you can at least dedicate 5 to 10 minutes 3 days a week to meditate, I can guarantee you won't feel like you're constantly worrying or thinking about what to do next. 

You'll learn to be in the moment. I personally enjoy meditating just after or before my morning classes, alone, out in my backyard, with no music or devices around. You can do guided meditations inside, you can lay on your back, sit like a Buddha, do it with friends, however, you choose – but to start, I would do it alone, outdoors, I would close your eyes, straight-backed, and focus on just your breath, "in-out", or "up-down", or "rising-falling". Try not to move your hands or your body and just… Breathe. You probably won't even be able to do this for 5 full minutes if you've never meditated before. From there, you can work on longer stints and whatever thoughts you'd like to untangle.

Feel Your Best!

Well, I wanted to give you some classic but useful advice on self-care. These are things that I have either viewed others finding success with and have personally found to work. While there are many more we could talk about, for now, I hope this helps. Make sure to focus on yourself – don't get lost in the noise and distractions, just be you, here, now, as you are, and hopefully, with others.


If you found this article helpful, and are thinking of applying to Qkids, feel free to contact me at chaylsoden@gmail.com after using my referral code: ZMIVEB. I will be happy to assist you in your brand new career with Qkids! For my readers that are already teachers, get out there and make the world a better place through Qkids!



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