Do You Really Need That Many Props?

Hello! My name is Helen Emmons. I am a wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother. My hobbies include sewing, gardening, cross-stitching, writing, and singing. My husband and I also rescue cats. We currently have 17 rescues ranging from ages 5 years to 14 years. 

I have been working online as "Teacher Helen" for about 2 years. I enjoy being able to work from home and I can honestly say this is my favorite part-time job. On mornings that I teach I hop out of bed at 4:45 a.m., grab my SlimFast Advanced Energy to get me going, and then head for my "classroom". I turn on the lights, get my props ready and make sure everything is working properly. My morning is complete when I see the children's smiling faces. Even on mornings when I am tired the children always perk me up. 

There is one question I see a lot online from new teachers or those considering teaching online:

Do You Really Need That Many Props? 

This could be a very argumentative question for some people. When I first started teaching with Qkids in March of 2019, you could say I went a little overboard with buying props. I shopped at a lot of different stores. It did not matter where I was. If I saw a prop that I knew related to a class that I was going to teach, I bought it. 

Sometimes, I would come home with bags from “Dollar General”, “Wal-Mart”, "Cracker-Barrel", or "Kohls". I even made my own puppets out of felt. I shopped for felt at "Michaels", "Hobby Lobby", "Wal-Mart" and even online. I made puppets for Koby, Momo, E-Green, E-Chief, E-Orange, Dory duck, Frank Fox, and Sherry Sheep. I have other puppets cut out too—Koby’s family, Momo's family, Mr. Pig, Wade Wolf, Bill Bunny, Mrs. Duck, and Roxy the Rat. They are still sitting in a box, waiting to be sewn together and their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hats glued on. I do have good intentions! Sometimes life gets in the way and time seems to disappear!

Kids love my felt Qkids mascots

I have also made my own flashcards—LOTS of flashcards! You name it, I have it! Different animals, numbers, colors, pictures of different foods, beverages, desserts, toys, musical instruments, etc. I print off the pictures from the Internet. Next, I glue them to cardstock, cut them out, and then glue a craft stick to them. It is a lot easier for me to just grab the stick and put it in front of the camera. I also have them all organized by subject and filed in plastic totes! 

I bet you are thinking—"WOW! She must go through a lot of printer ink". Yes, yes I do! Every paycheck I receive from Qkids, I am buying black and color ink cartridges! Though it seems I go through the black ink cartridges more often than I do the color ink cartridges. GO FIGURE! My husband keeps telling me that I need to buy stock in the ink cartridge companies! 

But Do You Need Them?

So, do I really need all of these props? That is a double-edged question. It all depends on what levels of classes I am teaching. I find that I do use my props more often with the lower-level classes. The younger children seem to relate to the words better if I show them a prop. But once in a while, I will need to use a prop for some of the upper-level classes too. It all depends on what the ages of the children are and what lesson I am teaching. 

The elusive Momo and Koby plushies

For the older children or higher level of classes, I hardly seem to use my props at all. If you were to see my teaching area, you would see props everywhere for each class that I am scheduled to teach. They are on my desk, on TV tables beside my desk, in the drawer of my desk, on my keyboard, on my printer, and even on the bookcase by my desk.  

Does this seem like a lot of work? Yes, yes it does. But at my age, I need some "reminders", thus my need for my props. 

I bet you are asking, "What does she do for stand-by classes"? Well, I just do the best I can and my props are still in their hiding places! 

Thank you for reading my blog and happy teaching everyone. If you are interested in applying, please feel free to use the link below:


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