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Surviving Qkids With Kids

Hi guys! I'm Ms. Karlie! I've been teaching with Qkids for the past 3 years! I have met so many awesome students and I can't wait to meet more. In my time away from Qkids, I spend my days hanging out with my kids and cats. Here's how I survive Qkids with kids. When I first started teaching with Qkids, it was back in 2017. I had just recently graduated college and I was searching for a teaching position. Out of nowhere, an online teaching position shows up in my search. I had an eight-year-old and twin two-year-olds at the time. I thought this was too good to be true, but I decided to look into it. I wound up getting the job some odd days later and was thrilled to begin! I told Qkids I could teach every day, four classes a day, and also two classes on Friday and Saturday nights. So, now it was time to actually teach. Wow! That first week was rough! I can't tell you how many times I fell asleep at my desk in between classes. I'm pretty sure I even missed one becau

Qkids Teacher Tips: Self-Care for at-Home Online Teachers

Self-Care for At-Home Online Teachers My name is Chayla Soden. I am a Qkids teacher from the United States, a mom of one, a writer, and a dog trainer/breeder. I always enjoy great English literature and philosophy. Self-care is arguably the most important thing we learn to incorporate into our lives as work-from-home teachers. It is quick to care for yourself working a 9-5 job, but when you are at home all day, every day, you may forget to do certain things that would otherwise benefit us! I have noticed that self-care is something quickly overlooked! So, in this post, we'll check out things we should be doing every day to make sure we are taking care of ourselves. Friends You may be surprised that I'm starting with friends, but friends are important! When working from home, we may begin to ignore friendships we had, or not pursue any new ones – isn't it so comfy just sitting at home all day, NOT being bothered with "drama", NOT having to put on an outfit for the

How Recycling the Target Language Enhance Your Teaching

How Recycling the Target Language Enhance Your Teaching   Written by: Charles, Nancy, Yolanda, Joy, Nicole Proofread by: Charles Ideas contributed by Charles, Deborah, Daniela, Nicole, Nancy, Yolanda, Joy, Karen As a language teacher, either in brick and mortar or online learning contexts, we are kind of reaching a consensus that encouraging students to recycle target language is a crucial part of teaching. But interestingly enough, recycling is not only a task required by teachers but a demand which also comes from students and families. It seems that both educators and learners, more or less, acknowledge the importance of recycling, as a key to solidify new concepts until acquisition occurs.   With such an " obsession"  with recycling in the field of language teaching, do we truly understand what " Recycling"  means? And what are the best ways to reuse, renew and recycle target language in the Qkids classroom? Let ' s look behind the scenes: What is Recycling?

Do You Really Need That Many Props?

Hello! My name is Helen Emmons. I am a wife, Mother, Grandmother, and Great Grandmother. My hobbies include sewing, gardening, cross-stitching, writing, and singing. My husband and I also rescue cats. We currently have 17 rescues ranging from ages 5 years to 14 years.  I have been working online as "Teacher Helen" for about 2 years. I enjoy being able to work from home and I can honestly say this is my favorite part-time job. On mornings that I teach I hop out of bed at 4:45 a.m., grab my SlimFast Advanced Energy to get me going, and then head for my "classroom". I turn on the lights, get my props ready and make sure everything is working properly. My morning is complete when I see the children's smiling faces. Even on mornings when I am tired the children always perk me up.  There is one question I see a lot online from new teachers or those considering teaching online: Do You Really Need That Many Props?  This could be a very argumentative question for some pe