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Qkids Coach's Tips: 7 Tips to Extend a Class

Qkids Coach's Tips: 7 Tips to Extend a Class Written by: Lin, Charles, Krystal, Lana, Pearl Hello Teachers, have you ever got into a panic when you find your students so smart that the teaching contents offered by the curriculum are just not enough to help you hit the 30 - min   mark? Are you looking for strategies to increase classroom participation and make a good connection with your students?   If you can ' t help nodding your head, try to spice up the teaching content with proper extension! What is an Extension? An extension is how you develop the teaching contents by adding additional information to help students deepen understanding and have more practice with the language targets. If you extend properly, students with different language proficiency and learning preferences can be better satisfied and you, as a teacher, can better manage the pacing and enjoy popularity among the kids. With that being said, today we ' d like to introduce 7 tips which might be helpful: