5 Tips and Tricks for Starting a Good Class Teaching Online

Tips and Tricks for Starting a Good Class Teaching Online

Hi guys! My name is Ms. Karlie. I’ve been with Qkids for the past 3 years! I have seen many wonderful students and I can’t wait to meet more. When I am not teaching, I am raising my ten-year-old, 2 four-year-olds, and 2 five-month-olds. We have quite a fun and busy household!! Here are some tips for starting a great class.

Tip #1 Ask Their Name

Students usually like telling you what their name is. During a 1v1 class, bring the student up and say hello, I’m so and so. What’s your name? During a 1v4, introduce yourself first, then bring each student up, one at a time, and ask their name. Also, if you can’t pronounce their name, don’t be nervous to ask again (some names are pretty tough).

Tip #2 See What Their Interests Are

After introducing each other, try asking “What do you like to do for fun?” This is usually a big hit with the older students. I’ve had several say they enjoy video games, swimming, chess, or dancing. You can actually branch off of what their interests are. For example, oh you like video games! What ones do you play? When asking a younger student, such as a phonics student, I usually say “Do you like rabbits? Do you like ice cream?” As I’m asking, I put the stickers on the screen so the students can not only hear what I’m asking, they can also see it.

Tip #3 Keep Smiling

I’m sure this could go without saying, but always keep those pearly whites shining! It can be very intimidating meeting a teacher for the first time, so I try to keep smiling to ease the student's nerves. It really works!

Tip #4 Celebrate at the End

Whenever I head to the leaderboard, I always make a point to bring each student up for a sticker. I will ask, “Would you like something to celebrate?” If the student needs some help understanding, I simply ask if they would like maybe a Spider-Man sticker or some ice cream, etc. Sometimes, the students will say no, they don’t want anything. In that case, I usually say that’s okay! Have a great night! Then I move on to the next student.

Tip #5 Have Fun and Just Be You

I try to make each class as fun as possible. I picture my own ten-year-old sitting at the computer. I know she would want a teacher that brings joy and laughter to the lesson. Also, you never really know what’s going on in a student's life. Why not make that 30-minute class the most fun the child has had all day?


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