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4 Tips for a Great Start and a Great Class

So, you've finally decided to take the leap into online teaching, you've signed up for every Facebook group and you've reached out to teachers and you've bought the headset (and maybe a new computer!). You've decided that Qkids is the place for you, you've applied and, maybe, you're even doing demo classes. But what comes next? Jason Stacy: Tip Giver Extraordinaire! Here's a secret: no Facebook group will tell you what I'm about to tell you. There might be a thousand posts about teaching tips or tricks… but some things, well, some things you just have to see for yourself. I have taught over 800 classes for Qkids, and the most important thing I have learned (and that I wish I would have known from the beginning!) is that a great class starts with a great introduction. Let me tell you how to do it. Great Start For a Great Class! Tip #1 General Tips Get into class early so you can start class off with a bang! With Qkids we generally teach 1v4, and you&#

Do You Really Need Props? Teaching Online with Qkids

Do You Really Need Props? Teaching Online with Qkids Hi Everyone! Teacher Stephanie here, welcome to my blog post! When I started with Qkids 5 contracts ago, I was a complete newbie to the world of online teaching. There was so much more to learn than I expected coming from a background of in-person training and instruction. I thought that, with my experience, I would just be throwing on a headset and doing exactly what I did in person in my previous roles. I had no idea how different it would be or how much I would grow as a teacher. People think teaching online is easier. I challenge you, especially now in times of COVID and at-home learning, to ask one of your teaching friends if they agree with this statement. Today I want to talk about something that most ESL teachers have discovered they cannot live without Props. When I first got started with Qkids, I had no idea how important props were in creating an engaging learning experience for my students. If I am being completely honest

5 Tips and Tricks for Starting a Good Class Teaching Online

Tips and Tricks for Starting a Good Class Teaching Online Hi guys! My name is Ms. Karlie. I’ve been with Qkids for the past 3 years! I have seen many wonderful students and I can’t wait to meet more. When I am not teaching, I am raising my ten-year-old, 2 four-year-olds, and 2 five-month-olds. We have quite a fun and busy household!! Here are some tips for starting a great class. Tip #1 Ask Their Name Students usually like telling you what their name is. During a 1v1 class, bring the student up and say hello, I’m so and so. What’s your name? During a 1v4, introduce yourself first, then bring each student up, one at a time, and ask their name. Also, if you can’t pronounce their name, don’t be nervous to ask again (some names are pretty tough). Tip #2 See What Their Interests Are After introducing each other, try asking “What do you like to do for fun?” This is usually a big hit with the older students. I’ve had several say they enjoy video games, swimming, chess, or dancing. You can act