I've Taught 1500 Classes for Qkids: This Is What I've Learned

 Hi Everyone! Teacher Stephanie here, thank you for checking out this post!

I first started my teaching journey with Qkids back in 2018. I joined the company to supplement my full-time income so that I could better afford my student loans. All I was looking for was a way to get some extra cash. what I found was a gateway to an incredibly rewarding experience teaching with an amazing company. Today, I want to look back and talk about what I learned in the past 1500+ classes with Qkids.

When you first get started, I think that teaching 1500 classes sounds like a major accomplishment. And sure, do not get me wrong, it is! But it is also important to remember that this number is just that – a number. Not only that, it is ONLY a number. It does not mean that I am better or worse than anyone else when it comes to performing for my students. There are tons of teachers out there who have taught more, and there are certainly those who have taught less. And it is truly my belief that no matter how many classes we have taught between us, we can all benefit and learn from each other.

So, let’s get started with some surprising things I have come to realize after teaching for the past 2+ years with Qkids.

I May Be Amazing, but I Am Not Perfect

One of the best personal improvements I have seen since I started with Qkids is that I have become comfortable accepting criticism. As a perfectionist, this is something I have struggled with my entire life. Beyond now being okay with the constant reviews and ratings for each class, I have also learned to not lose my confidence when I inevitably receive negative feedback. Because no matter how amazing you are, you WILL eventually get negative feedback.

Why is this? There is not really one definitive reason why you would get one random bad tag or review after teaching a class that you felt went very well. Was the child having a bad day? Was the parent frustrated about something unrelated to you or outside of your control? Was there a behavior issue that you reported, but perhaps had not yet been followed up on between the staff and the family? It could have been any of these reasons or one of the countless others. So, what do you do?

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Obviously, unhappy reviews are not the goal. But the way I see it, you can handle criticism in one of two ways. You can spiral downwards, questioning yourself, and your competence until you hit the bottom every time you get an orange tag. Or you can consider what was highlighted, learn from it, change it (if you can), and move on. 

What if you did nothing wrong and got a bad tag anyway? Agonizing over an anomalous criticism when you typically receive pleasant marks will not help you or your students. If there is a trend and it seems like there may actually be an issue, fix it. Otherwise, move on. Move on. MOVE ON!

The Numbers Don’t Define Me

When I look at my teaching profile and I see my class count, I never really know how to feel about the number I see. On the one hand, 1500 classes certainly seem staggering. That being said, there are plenty of teachers who have taught two or three times this amount. There are also obviously those who have not yet reached this number. So, what does it mean?

In short, it means nothing. To be sure, I am not belittling the accomplishments of anyone – myself included.  But should you approach your classes any differently once you have taught 500, 1000, 2000, or more? No. 

Each class is different. Each student has their own needs. Every time you log in, you must apply yourself completely and give it you're all. It may seem easier with each class you teach, but ultimately the level of effort remains the same. The students deserve no less.

I Am a Teacher, but Learning Never Stops

One great thing about Qkids as a company is that it never sits still for too long. I feel confident in my ability to teach any given class thrown my way, but I never feel that I am plateauing. The platform continues to grow, the lessons offered evolve, and the teacher support never ends. Even with the pandemic and all the inconveniences it has wrought on a global level, Qkids has continued to support its teachers and offer them and their students new opportunities.

In the past few months alone, COVID and all, I have seen great strides made by Qkids to keep learning accessible to all students. Along with that, I have also witnessed firsthand that they understand that to better serve their students, they must also lift up their teachers. Qkids cares about and invests in its teachers in a way that other ESL companies simply do not. The difference is seen immediately in the quality of the students’ learning experience.

So, in short, keep calm, and love teaching. Try your best for every class, every student, every time.

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I wish everyone the best of luck. Happy teaching!



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