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Greetings and Warm-ups for Online Teaching - 3 Tips For New Teachers

Welcome to the online teaching community! My name is Megan and I found my home in the online teaching world about 3 years ago. I start every day with a very large coffee, very fuzzy slippers, and a pile of colorful and fluffy props. My favorite prop is also my fluffiest one- my dog! “ Are you a morning  person? ”  That ’ s the question I inevitably hear after I tell people how early I wake up to teach. After 3 years of early mornings, I have reached the conclusion that I will never be a “morning person”, but I am definitely a “coffee person” and a “nap person”. Since early mornings are quite a challenge for me, it can be difficult to be mentally prepared for class and not to come across as groggy to my eager students. Getting my class off to a great start is very important to me, so I have tried everything over the years! Here are some of the greetings and warmups for online teaching ideas that stuck with me because they really worked for me... and I hope that they work for you too. TI

How to Teach a Qkids Online Upper-Level Class

How to Teach a Qkids Online Upper-Level Class My name is Naomi, and I'm a three-year Qkids veteran teacher, and I have been teaching upper levels since the beginning. I'm going to give you five pro tips to help you feel confident and experience success in these awesome classes. Oh no! I have an upper-level class! What do I do?  Don't panic! It will all be okay. You've chosen a great company where you can teach kids online, from the comfort of your own home. Have you been invited to teach upper-level classes? Maybe an upper-level class just suddenly appeared on your schedule…. Or your standby converted to an upper-level class that you've never seen before. 5 Tips for Teaching Upper-Level Students 1. Do Not Feel Intimidated:  Remember, these are still little kids! The highest age level is usually twelve. They usually still like stickers and some silliness. You know English AND the content at the level necessary to teach these kids. Relaxing is the first step in learni

I've Taught 1500 Classes for Qkids: This Is What I've Learned

  Hi Everyone! Teacher Stephanie here, thank you for checking out this post! I first started my teaching journey with Qkids back in 2018. I joined the company to supplement my full-time income so that I could better afford my student loans. All I was looking for was a way to get some extra cash. what I found was a gateway to an incredibly rewarding experience teaching with an amazing company. Today, I want to look back and talk about what I learned in the past 1500+ classes with Qkids. When you first get started, I think that teaching 1500 classes sounds like a major accomplishment. And sure, do not get me wrong, it is! But it is also important to remember that this number is just that – a number. Not only that, it is ONLY a number. It does not mean that I am better or worse than anyone else when it comes to performing for my students. There are tons of teachers out there who have taught more, and there are certainly those who have taught less. And it is truly my belief that no matter