Six Totally Awesome Things You Can Do Between Classes

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Six Totally Awesome Things You Can Do Between Classes

1. Throw in a load of laundry 

OK- Doing laundry is not totally awesome. This is true. However, it’s got to be done at some point, right?  I remember the days of dragging myself through the front door at the end of a long school day, collapsing with my backpack still on while the dog lapped the sweat off my face, and then crawling to the laundry room to get a load going so that I wouldn’t still be folding at midnight. Now, however, with precision and the right choreography, I can flip those duds faster than Koby can wolf down a watermelon and have my laundry done by my last “bah byes!”



2. Play with a Puppy

Petting your pet reduces your blood pressure and releases relaxation hormones. It’s a thing. Look it up. Maybe yesterday was particularly stressful as you raced around trying to get your laundry caught up, but today is a new day. Today you will hit Submit on that Evaluation and immediately sink to your knees and settle into seven straight minutes of puppy love. The fur will be soft, the purring will regulate your breathing (that’s also a thing) and the kisses will be wet and slobbery. You will slowly become a smiling puddle of mush laying on the floor with your Ethernet cable wrapped around your leg. Until Alexa reminds you that you need to teach another class. You jump up, fix your hair (just the front), wash the fur out of your mouth with your ever-present cup of coffee, and begin another cheerful round of “Hello, students.”



3. Make Your Bed

While many of you may lump this in with laundry as “not totally awesome,” for me, it’s a means to an end. One of my favorite parts of the day is tiredly sliding into crisp, cool, perfectly aligned sheets at the end of the day. My husband and I disagree about this. He is perfectly ok with crashing into crumpled bedding. He hits the pillow and is out and snoring in three minutes. I, however, take my time drifting off and love the feel of the smooth 400 counts against my skin. Therefore, the job of making the bed falls to me and me alone; and too many days it was the thing that got away and I had to dive into a sea of bunched-up folds. Definitely not totally awesome. It’s so much easier now that I run on a Qkids schedule. The rest between classes is plenty long enough to make a bed that would satisfy even the pickiest marine drill sergeant. So tuck in that corner. Fluff that pillow. Ten-hut, soldier!



4. Peace-Out in the Backyard                                                

Kicking back in the fresh air with a bit of nature is very therapeutic. It’s why we love to go camping, stretch out on the beach, or hike mountains. True, five minutes on my back deck isn’t quite the same as doing a Julie Andrews trek across the hills of Salzburg, but it’s sufficient to perk up the senses and shake up some brain cells. When you’re feeling like you can’t handle one more “What’s Missing” game, mix things up with a walk in your dooryard. When you return to class, those little voices will fill your heart with the sound of music.



5. Fix the Back of Your Hair


If you’ve read my other blog posts, you know that I’d given up worrying about the back of my hair. No one online can see it, so I’ve successfully shaved a couple minutes off my AM prep time by doing only my bangs before classes. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. However, now that masks are plentiful and things have opened up a bit, I’ve myriad people coming and going from the front door. At first, it was mostly FedEx Guy but we’ve expanded to Domino’s Guy, Door Dash Guy, and I’ve even gotten into the car and interacted with Grocery-Store-Curb-Side Guy, and I’ve reluctantly, sigh,  allowed my grown-up children back into the house. So now the back of my hair needs a modicum of respectability. A mirror, some water, and a spritz or two of AquaNet, and I’m ready for 360° of social distancing.



6. Sleep


Fortunately, I live on the East Coast, so my wake time isn’t too ridiculous, but I’m also not naturally a morning person, so I still feel a bit like George Jetson in the morning. My husband, the one who won’t make the bed, plays the role of robot Rosie and pours coffee down my throat as I jump into the space car with Momo each morning. Sometimes I’m not quite ready for full-on awake by the end of the first class, so my break turns into a micro-nap. I have alarms set for three minutes before each class, so if I can wrap up stickers at 30:00, I can grab a solid seven minutes of shut-eye. This is generally done in a seated position at my computer with my palms precariously holding my head up. Here’s what not to do. DO NOT do this having entered the classroom with an open camera. It may be a bad idea to wake up to one’s alarm and peek out blurry eyeballs at a student staring at you. I’m not sure how this would play out, cause it’s never happened to me. I swear. It hasn’t. Ever. 




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