New to Qkids? Here Are Five Tips to Help You Succeed!

So, you’ve made the wise choice to work from home, teaching kids in China online. You’ve been selected by Qkids, among thousands of applicants because of your unique skills and abilities. Qkids is the best online ESL company in the industry, and they will train and prepare you to be the best teacher that you can be. 

If you are new, chances are you’ve panicked, experienced stage fright, or encounter situations that you felt unprepared to handle. Maybe you haven’t even taught your first class, and you are preparing every little detail to rock it when you do. My name is Naomi, I’m a three-year veteran teacher and mentor, and I’m going to offer you five tips that will guarantee you success as a new teacher.

1. Prepare by Practicing Pacing!  

If you review the content of the lesson that you are assigned, you may be thrown for a loop when the class changes at the last minute. When reviewing the lesson, focus on the structure of the lesson and the number of slides. That way, no matter what lesson comes your way, you’ll be familiar with the format that the lessons follow. 

2. Breathe and Relax

These are little children, and they are excited, scared, happy, fearful, and sometimes all of the above. If you are nervous, they will pick up on that. You’ve got this! You have the skills to teach these children. You are not responsible for the children mastering all of the content. You are providing a scaffolded, fun, and rewarding enrichment experience.

3. Slow Down, and Then Slow Down More

You’ll begin with lower levels. ELLs cannot understand much of what you say, especially if you say it too fast. Put a conscious space between each word you say.

4. Don’t Get Hurt Feelings by Negative Feedback or Orange Tags!

It is a learning curve, and we all make mistakes, even veteran teachers. Reflect on how you can grow from feedback, and utilize your peers and your coach for help.

5. If Something Isn’t Working, Change It up! 

Did you think that you had the perfect props for a lesson, but the kids weren’t having it? Try something different, like voice modulation. Have the kids sing the vocabulary words after you, and maybe that will be what clicks. Teach prepositions by putting the cat sticker IN the dinosaur’s mouth!

Keep Calm and Carry On

You are going to enjoy teaching these wonderful children online. Smile and rest assured knowing that this experience will change your life, and impact these children in immeasurable ways. 

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