The Top 5 Technical Problems and Their Solutions

Hello! My name is Suzanne and I’ve been a Qkids teacher for over three years. I love working with kids of all ages and have been a high school teacher, preschool teacher, ski instructor for elementary kids, Girl Scout Leader, and more! In my spare time I hike, swim, bike and enjoy the outdoors with my husband and, when I can, with my two twenty-something kids.


Qkids classes are awesome...except when you have tech issues! When I first started and I got a technical problem, it really stressed me out. I actually got a little panicky--my heart would race, my palms would sweat, and I felt like I had no control of the situation.

Over time, I’ve learned what to do quickly and efficiently for these 5 common issues, and now I keep my cool, get back into class, and get to do what I came to do---teach!

Problem 1: You can’t see or hear the students when you enter class.

Solution: When you can see that students are in class and their avatars are “lit up” but you can’t see or hear them, you need to exit and re-enter the classroom so the system allows sound and video both ways. Sometimes exiting just to the home screen does it, but if that doesn’t work, you may need to exit the entire Qkids platform and re-enter the whole thing. 

Warning*** Do NOT attempt to exit and re-enter in either the three minutes before class starts OR the first three minutes of class or you will lose the class entirely. The system will see that you are offline and immediately assign it to the standby teacher. 

In this case, you have some time to fill where you can’t see or hear anyone...But your students CAN see and hear you, so--just start talking! 

I tell them I can’t see or hear them but that I need to wait for three minutes and I also type it in a text box on the screen. Introduce yourself, chat a bit about the upcoming lesson, then BEGIN as you normally would! You may feel like you’re talking to yourself, but just pretend to get responses from them. At three minutes, excuse yourself and exit--this almost always works to restore sound and video. As a courtesy, if it takes longer than a few seconds I tell them I’ll extend the lesson a bit. 

Problem 2: The students can’t hear YOU.

Solution: For reasons unknown, sometimes the sound gets disconnected or you get muted. In this case, first check that your headset is plugged in (!) OR unplug then replug it in. The system will sometimes suddenly detect the headset. 

Second, check the volume bar under your video feed. Sometimes this is set to zero--bring it up!

Third, go to “settings” which is the small “gear” icon at the upper right corner of your screen. Click the “Audio” button to check the microphone and the speaker--sometimes these are mysteriously set to mute. You can also do a speed test on this screen as well as  check your video. 

Problem 3: You get “Classroom Disconnected” or “Media Connection Fail” in the middle of class.

Solution: Don’t panic for a few seconds! Sometimes the connection is automatically restored. If not, you will need to exit the program--and sometimes alllll the way out of the Qkids platform--and then re-enter. 

In just a few instances, trying to click the “x” to exit doesn’t work--if this happens, hold down “control”, “alt”, and “delete” at the same time, then follow the prompts to shut down the Qkids program. Re-enter quickly and hopefully you won’t get disconnected again! 

As with the warning above, if it happens in the first three minutes of class you may lose the class--send CCT a message right away to explain the situation. This will ensure you don’t have an absence counted against you, although you won’t get paid for the class.

Problem 4: You have a Standby but the system doesn’t detect you and you are marked absent.

Solution: If you have standby but are marked absent, let CCT know as soon as you can. CCT is awesome about fixing an absence when you really weren’t absent. Again, good communication is key to smoothing things over when issues occur. 

You should always take a screenshot of any Standby that doesn’t convert “just in case”. This way, you may have a chance to get paid for the standby if the system thinks you weren’t there. No photo, no pay. So as an insurance policy, take the screenshot (as well as for any classes with no students who show up--after ten minutes you can exit and still get paid. But I always screenshot just in case.)

To avoid this problem completely: Just before your Standby you should be on the Home screen; after your previous class ends, right-click “refresh”. This will allow the system to “detect” that you are indeed there waiting for your standby to start. This has always worked for me and I have never had an issue with either getting a standby class or at least getting paid for a standby that didn’t convert.


Problem 5: Your class is loading slooooowly or the platform gets bogged down between slides. You may even miss the class because it's so slow to load.

Solution:  Clear your cache at least once a week. For a PC, the link is:

When you click on this link, it will download the file to your computer, where you should open it. You may get a warning that it is from an “Unknown Publisher” and might be dangerous. Don’t worry--you know the publisher: It’s Qkids! Follow the prompts to “run anyway” and you will see a lot of code zip down your screen--and you have cleared your cache!

I also make sure to restart my computer at least once a week and I even clear my browsing history to free up RAM. 

So there you have it: The top five issues and their solutions! I hope this will help you avoid the stress and anxiety I used to feel and get you quickly back into class with those adorable Qkiddos where you can focus on teaching, not troubleshooting. Happy teaching!


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