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Hi, I’m Teacher Laurie and I live in America. Do you live in China (said while holding up a Chinese flag)? This is how my mornings begin five days a week. I have been with Qkids for a year now and my happiness and contentment with this job keep growing. I love helping students learn English and assist them in developing accurate pronunciation.

Over the past few weeks, I have had some hilarious interactions with many of my students. The following illustrates just a few of the words my students occasionally get confused about.

Class #1 - Air Finger

I was teaching the lesson about air conditioners. We were quickly going through the review section and then I introduced this new word to the four students in the class. They all enthusiastically repeated the word correctly. As the class progressed, I thought everything was going well until one adorable student shouted out “Air Finger” instead of Air Conditioner. After the briefest of pauses, all of us, including the student who said “Air Finger”, started laughing out loud. It then became one of the best learning environments. I made sure we practiced this word multiple times before class was over to make sure all of the students completely understood what an air conditioner was and how to pronounce it.

Class #2 - Jelly Race

A few days later, I had a class where we were learning about races. Most of you are familiar with this Level 3 lesson. In it, we teach the students the target words: relay race, 100-meter race, 200-meter race, 400-meter race, and 800 meter-race. Once again, the lesson was going along perfectly and then we got to the practice section. In this section, one student started saying “jelly race” instead of relay race. The class begins to giggle again as I vigorously shook my head back and forth while laughing. A quick hop back to the introduction slide helped each student see the correct spelling and pronunciation of the word. After class, they were still being silly and joked with me about our jelly race as we said goodbye to each other.

Class #3 - Sink or Fork

The fork is on the fridge, the knife is by the plate. Welcome to this Level 1 class where I teach my students: by, sink, fridge, shelf, plate, knife, fork, and chopsticks. This lesson is one of my favorites. My students always love it when I show them my own set of chopsticks. During one of these classes, a darling girl could not figure out the proper way to say sink. She kept getting confused and calling it a fork. When all the students would be practicing together, I could hear her silently whispering sink instead of fork. Thankfully, I caught on to her sneaky ways and she and I spent a quick moment going over this together. Imagine her surprise when we got to the slide where “the fork is in the sink”. We smile knowingly at each other and giggled at our shared knowledge. A treasured moment shared not just between teacher and student, but also between new English friends.

This is just a small sampling of the many moments of laughter I’ve had with my students during class. I always wonder at the start of a new day what fun adventures I will have.  Qkids is an amazing place to work. The Qkids platform is easy to navigate - and the students are loving, kind, and silly.

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