Keeping Those Fixed Students Engaged!

Hello! My name is Michele Gillis and I have been teaching with Qkids for over a year. I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL with my family. I have two teenagers and also work as a freelance writer and an Avon Rep. I have to say Qkids is by far my favorite job!

I have had a few different fixed students over the last year or so. Some stuck and some didn’t and that’s OK! Some wanted to go back to 1 v 4 and the others who knows?

But, my longest student is an adorable 5-year-old who I see every Friday and Saturday night.

Fixed Student

Every time I see him, his beautiful smile just melts my heart! I have watched him grow and learn and it makes my heart so happy!

During my regular classes I usually pull up stickers to review or use flashcards during the intros, but with a fixed student, that will get old quick.

So, what I have been doing is either printing out pictures from items he struggled with or practice spelling words he had trouble spelling in the last class and quiz him during intros.

It is awesome to see his little face light up when he finally gets the spelling of a word or can identify an object that he struggled with before. I praise him like crazy and he is ready for the class.

We also have things we do every class such as say “Bye train” after he makes a sentence on the practice sentence screen with the train. Also, if he keeps forgetting the name of something, I have him repeat it three times, then ask him what the name of the item is.


At the end of the class, he always asks for my Spiderdog (Spiderman with a dog head) and I let him choose what Spiderdog will bring him each time. It helps him to use his words and makes it fun. He also asks for many diamonds and my dolphin creations.

I love the relationship we are building and the fun we have in class. Even though some of my techniques are the same each week, I try to switch things up a bit to make the lessons fun! So far, he keeps coming back and learning!

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Happy Teaching!

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