The World’s Gone Crazy, What Now? Why Working for Qkids Might Be the Answer for You

Hey there! I’m Teacher Rachel! I’m a lover of fun props, colorful wigs, and “BIIIIIGGGG thumbs up”s. Qkids has been my steady gig since graduating from college two years ago and entering “the real world.

Can I tell you a secret? Don’t tell my company, but Qkids wasn’t my first choice for a job. *GASP* I know, I know. It’s shocking. Who wouldn’t love this job?

The thing is, I wanted to teach overseas - in literal China. I actually had plans to go- a place to work, a place to live, and pumping adrenaline to survive the 36 hours, 3 plane ride journey. But plans fell through. Who can relate?

And isn’t that where we all find ourselves in this crazy turn of events the world has taken over the past few months? Forced to stay home, or choosing to either out of compassion or fear. Laid off from work. Following a different routine. Not sure of what the future holds.

Yet, there’s still hope. There’s always hope. For me, Qkids was the light at the end of the tunnel. It was the perfect opportunity to continue pursuing my dreams of teaching little Asian children even when my plans didn’t go as, well, planned. I remember the first time I taught with Qkids. The students’ little faces started popping up on the virtual screen and I almost started crying. It was everything I had wanted to do with my life just in a different way than I had anticipated.

My hope is that Qkids could be your light at the end of the tunnel, too. Here are some reasons why working for Qkids may be the perfect solution for you during this time:

You Are at Home Anyways!

So you’re stuck at home- why not work from there, too? Staying home is still the number one recommendation for stopping the spread, so if you find yourself cooped up- why not make the most of it?

The Dress Code Is the Perfect Quarantine Outfit!

How many of you have been rocking yoga pants all during quarantine? I know I have! Well, with Qkids you can rock them to work! Just throw on a bright colored top, comb your messy hair (or pull it back and cover the frizz with your headset- pro-lazy teacher tip right there), add some lipstick (ladies) and you’re ready to teach!

Extra Pay!

While money isn’t the answer to everything, it certainly helps, especially if you’ve been laid off or your hours have been cut back during these difficult times. Qkids also pairs well with your spouse’s income if you’re the stay-at-home mom or dad in need of a part-time job.

Flexible Hours to Work With the Flexibility of the Times

Everyone’s routines have been jostled a bit during the pandemic. An office job may not be the best fit for you during this time of transition and simply learning to figure out the world again. Luckily, Qkids offers a flexible schedule that you get to pick! That’s right, you can pick the number of classes you’d like to teach and what hours from the one’s offered. Because of the difference in time zone, you’ll be picking morning or evening sessions that leave your afternoons free for other activities, another part-time job, or spending time with your family.


Finally, my personal favorite: you have a unique opportunity with Qkids to connect with students on the other side of the world. This is especially nice during a time where it seems that most of the world is closed off. Right now both political and racial tensions are high, but you can be a person of peace. It brings me so much joy to share my own culture and language and learn about my students’ culture as well. And through Qkids, I know I’m helping make a difference in these kids’ lives. While we might not have all the answers in this time of uncertainty, we can find purpose in helping and connecting with others. While we stay in our homes to not spread the virus, we can connect to the world on the web and still spread joy and peace and hope.

Stay safe! Stay sane! And remember you are not alone!

If Qkids sounds like the much-awaited answer for you, use my referral code or follow the link and apply today!




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