Five Things Students Do That Make Me Laugh

Hi! I am Teacher Marissa. I work for Qkids part-time and am a professional actress. I have been with Qkids for less than a year and I love teaching online and the flexibility it gives me. I am a night owl, so I love teaching at night. Kids say the darndest things! Here are some of my favorite stories from teaching for Qkids:

1. Pets

Students often want to show me their pets before or after class. As an animal lover, I never object. Sometimes, if the lesson is about animals, I’ll ask if they have a pet. In one class, all four students had turtles. They even showed me! I have been shown a cat, a bird, and a dog.

2. Stuffed Animals

A lot of students bring their stuffed animals to class. Usually, if a student has a Koby or Momo stuffed animal they are very excited to show me. Sometimes, during speaking areas of the lesson, I encourage them to use their stuffed animal as a puppet to speak. It adds a little fun to the learning. Then, I’ll use my Koby or Momo cutout to speak back as the characters.

3. Learning About Their Cities

At the higher levels, I always ask the students what city/area they live in. We discuss the weather and I share what city I am in. A lot of students share where they have been in America. I love hearing about where they live and where they have visited. One time, I had an entire class of four students all from Shanghai. I joked that maybe they were neighbors!

4. Books

I love it when students are excited about learning. Sometimes, a student wants to show me the book they are reading. This usually prompts the other students to show what they are reading as well.  Of course, then I grab the book I am reading off my desk and show them. I always encourage reading.

5. No Stickers….But

At the end of class, I offer the students a stick or a mask. I find it interesting when students request a sticker that is not normally requested, like wind or an apple. When a student asks for Elsa from “Frozen,” I give them the snow sticker and crown mask and sing “Let it Go.” One girl loved it so much she said, “again teacher!” Another teacher showed me that you can use the tornado sticker upside down as a sorting hat for Harry Potter.  

Some students want something different from a sticker at the end of class. They always keep me on my toes and make me laugh. Once I was asked to draw a Nintendo Switch. I ended up finding a picture of one on my phone since the drawing did not look great. Another time, a student did not want a sticker but told me to always remember to wear my mask. Some of the students I teach for Qkids are so compassionate and mature. I love that I get to connect with students halfway around the world.


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