7 Tips to Grow From Your Orange Tags

Hello lovely teachers! My name is Kassya, and I have been working for Qkids for 3+ years now. You can read more about me at the end of this article if you’d like! Let’s jump right in!

So. You got an orange tag… okay maybe a few orange tags. Your heart sinks because you thought that you had a really great lesson where everyone was engaged, or maybe it was an awful lesson where you felt as if you were talking to yourself. Regardless, you are upset and angry because you feel it was out of your control.

Today, I am going to discuss some ways to grow and cope with orange tags!

1. Reflect but Do Not Dwell

I think it is hard for all of us to move on from our orange tags. Sometimes we feel like we really did not deserve them, or the tag we received was for a reason that was out of our control. TRUST ME, HONEY, it is not worth your time and energy to dwell tirelessly for hours or days over orange tags. This is the best piece of advice I could give any teacher, read and move on!

2. Grow Grow Grow! Be a Teachable Teacher!

It never hurts to try out new techniques! As teachers, I believe we are always growing, learning, and expanding our knowledge and teaching methods. Qkids has an incredible library of resources to help you familiarize yourself with the platform, games, and lesson goals at any point in time. And in addition to this, there are also many talented teachers out there who have very creative teaching styles that are willing to post videos, mentor, and share their experience. Do not be afraid to try something new!

Even doing something small to keep your teaching skills fresh is perfect! Remember to be a “teachable” teacher. Be willing to learn, and take on new challenges. Be ambitious! All great teachers are always actively learning new things to better their teaching in the classroom (be it from other teachers, through courses, or even via the students).

3. Tech Check/Update!

If you find that you are constantly receiving tags related to technical issues and sound quality… It may be time to look into some new equipment that may help teaching go more smoothly. This could mean updating your headset, keyboard, webcam… etc. It also never hurts to mix it up every once and a while with your teaching look and background to keep things fresh and fun (especially if you have fixed students).

As online ESL teachers, it is only natural that we update our computers and tech equipment every now and then. I usually check and test my equipment functionality thoroughly once every month.

4. Communicate With Your Coach!

I feel like a lot of us teachers are hesitant when it comes to talking with our coaches. We do not want to be seen as struggling with our teaching abilities because we feel like it may put a big red target on our backs or make us look bad in comparison to other teachers. To this I say, you couldn’t be more wrong!

Your Qkids coaches are there to support you and give you feedback. If you think that you are needing some help or just want general tips from your coach, do not be afraid to contact them! They can give you detailed feedback on your teaching style and techniques.

5. Do Not Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Veteran teachers and staff are there to help you. If you think you are not understanding something about the lesson content or the platform, then do not be afraid to speak out about it. You may tell your students this, and it still holds true here, there are no dumb questions!

6. Remember to Love and Take Care of Yourself!

The reason why you are here working for Qkids is that they saw something in you and your teaching style that makes you unique, intelligent, and worthwhile as a teacher. If you are tired and need a break, take that break, honey! Good self-care = good teaching! Qkids would much rather you be in your best state of well-being as opposed to forcing yourself through the lessons. This company is one of the most understanding companies when it comes to taking time off for your personal care. You need to love and care for yourself to be able to give your best you to your Qkiddos.


7. Keep Positive

And finally, be sure to keep a positive mindset. Do not let a few orange tags get you down. Keep your head up high and be ready to actively jump into your next classes. At the end of the day, it’s impossible to please everyone. You are a hard-working teacher, and as long as you are trying your best and giving it your all, that’s all that matters. Do not stop being you!

So What’s The Takeaway From All This Exactly?

Overall, if I am going to be honest, you as a Qkids teacher will at some point or another receive orange tags. To properly handle orange tags, it all comes down to your attitude towards them! When you get orange tags you should...

Read them.

Acknowledge them.

Grow from them.

And TEACH ON, you beautifully educated teacher you!

About Me

Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to read my article! My name is Kassya and I am from Ottawa, Ontario (which is in Canada haha). I am 22 years old and have been working for Qkids for 3+ years. I am a Biology student in my final year at Carleton University, and a Canadian Registered Generalist Sonographer (Ultrasound Technologist). My hobbies include figure skating, going to the cottage, learning new languages, and being a dog enthusiast. I also love working with children! I one day aspire to work alongside children in the hospital environment.

Teaching Online ESL has absolutely been one of my favorite part-time jobs, and I quite honestly cannot say enough good things about it. If you are a new teacher or a veteran teacher looking for a new friend, I am happy to talk with you! And of course, if you are an aspiring teacher looking for a mentor, I would be happy to help you in every way possible! You can use my referral code/link below.

Happy teaching to all!


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