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Hello, my name is Evie Zerefos and I LOVE teaching for Qkids! Before Qkids I was a full-time College Professor and Business Consultant/Trainer. In addition to working full time, I am a wife, mother of 3 fantastic children, and very involved with my community. After experiencing some heart issues, I decided the money and career ladder was nice but living long enough to enjoy my family was even BETTER!!! Now, I teach college courses online part-time in addition to teaching for Qkids. The rest of my time is spent with my family. I believe in a holistic and healthy lifestyle that promotes a work-life balance.  

Working from home is GREAT however if not careful it could be dangerous to your health. It is so easy to get comfortable in your chair and work all night into the morning hours thinking about the money you are making. Yes, the money is great, but are you? How about your family? Do you find you are tired, cranky, and have little enjoyment during your personal time? By following some very simple steps you can have a balanced work-life situation keeping you healthy, happy, and wealthier as you perform your best!!! 

1)      Get Some SLEEP!!!

Sleep is important for the body to rest and repair itself from the daily abuse it endures. This is not just laying on the couch or “crashing” but placing yourself in a peaceful oasis. Create a space where it is relaxing, comfortable, and away from distractions. If you work through the night and sleep during the day, invest in some light out shades and/or curtains. A white noise machine can drown out noises such as pets, cars, people talking, and traffic allowing you to reach a deep restful sleep. 

2)      Get Comfy

We all know how important it is to look professional when interacting with the children and families however it doesn’t mean being uncomfortable. Take a moment to really evaluate your work area. Start from the top! How does your headset feel? Is it too heavy? Too big? Do your ears hurt after a while? How about your chair? Your back? Your feet? Can your chair adjust to straighten your back or relax your back? Have you thought about standing up to teach? Being comfortable while working will put less stress on your body so take a moment and evaluate that workspace.

3)      WORK, period!  HOME, period!  

Work and home are two separate items. Just because you work from home does not mean you are “home”. And just because you are home doesn’t mean you are at “work”. These are very separate items and should be treated so. Create a schedule for yourself and your family. Block out specific times that you "go to work'. When your shift is over GO HOME. I understand it’s tempting to see that little blue invitation and run back to your desk to accept and teach, but it’s not healthy for you or your family. Create a work schedule and stick to it. If you want some “overtime” then plan those too. Tell yourself, “I will only work 1 addition evening, or 4 additional classes this week”. Once you have reached your overtime goal, STOP. Doing more is only causing stress to your body.

4)      Schedule???

As parents, we learned early on to create a schedule for our families and children. A routine to get up, eat breakfast, go to school/work, eat dinner, etc. Now that you have created a work schedule from number 3 above, you need to honor and respect your 10 breaks between classes.  Yes, honor them!!!! Honor yourself for surviving the 30 minutes!! Get up, reach for the stars, and stretch down to the toes. Jog in place for 1 minute, run to the restroom and refill that glass of water or coffee.  Now run back to your office, headphones on, and smile. As silly as it sounds, you need those few minutes to get the blood and oxygen moving in your body.  Make it part of your routine to finish that evaluation and get up.  YOU MUST MOVE!!! Sitting will slow you down at the end.  If you work for more than 5 classes, take a half-hour to yourself for dinner and a mental break. 

5)      Schedule a Date With Yourself  

We all live very busy lives. Children, spouses/significate others, full-time jobs, parents, church, other organizations, and the list goes on and on. It is very easy to burn out.  Just like all your other important appoints on your calendar, make a date with yourself. Take this time to be quiet and with yourself. Relax, do something you enjoy. Turn the cell phone off, turn the music on, and enjoy the most important, fantastic, amazing person you will ever meet. YOU!!!!

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