Basics That All Qkids Teachers Need to Know

Hi! I am Teacher Marissa. I work for Qkids part-time and am a professional actress. I have been with Qkids for less than a year and I love teaching online and the flexibility it gives me. I am a night owl, so I love teaching at night. Here are a few basic tips I compiled for new teachers that I wish I had all in one place when I first started:

What Do I Do When…?

Tech issues? Can’t see students? Don’t panic! Unplug your headset and replug or exit the classroom after 3 minutes in (so you don’t get kicked out) and that usually fixes all of my problems. CCT is also always there for assistance and they are super helpful.

If you are having sound issues with a higher-level group, you can always write them a note to explain what is happening.

If you have an empty class, wait 10 minutes, then take a screenshot just in case there was a mix-up and leave.

Who Are All These Characters?

In lower levels, we have our two main characters: Koby Koala and Momo Monkey. There is also Wade Wolf, Frank Fox, Dory Duck, and Sherry Sheep. E-Orange and E-Chief also make appearances.

Some lessons dive into the family tree:
Momo has grandparents, parents, and siblings: Martin (father), Max (mother), Bobo (brother), and Jojo (sister).

Koby also has grandparents, parents, and siblings: Kimi (father), Kiki (mother), Komy (brother), and Kozy (sister).

Koby and Momo props are great for lower levels. Here are two I made with popsicle sticks here:

Scheduling, Payment, Logistics:

Scheduling starts around Tuesday and is finalized by Sunday. The week is Sunday night to Sunday morning. Payment comes on or before the 15th of the following month.
If you request off, you can do so within five hours of a class. A level typically has 60 lessons. Any lesson ending in 0 is a review, 60 is the whole unit review. When you start, you usually teach levels 1-5. After a few months, based on your teaching style, you may be offered upper levels (up to level 12) or Phonics.

Stickers Are Your Best Friend:

Get to know all of the stickers and masks. For example, a lot of kids ask for a bunny or rabbit. There is no bunny sticker, just ears in the masks section. If the stickers get too big (kids love big stickers), you have to make them smaller to put a student on stage. You can delete all the stickers at once by clicking on the trashcan on the upper left corner of the sticker page.

Timing gets easier as you teach more. If you end early, you can go back and play a game again. I always mentally mark which slide Bingo is. If I get to the end a few minutes early, I’ll start adding stickers to add other characters “ in the scene”. I.e. Where is Spiderman? What is Spiderman holding?

Other Features:

The right-click highlighter is my favorite feature. My coach taught me this feature in my first interview. It is easy to use with your mouse and doesn’t stay on the screen so you never have to erase it.
You can see a student’s previous evaluations on the upper right of their screen. It shows their participation and grade in their previous class.

Military Time Cheat Sheet:

20:30 = 8:30 pm
21:10 = 9:10 pm
21:50 = 9:50 pm
22:30 = 10:30 pm
23:10 = 11:10 pm
China is 12 hours ahead of EST.  Unlike the US, they only use a one-time zone in China, so it’s the same time for all of the students.

Bonus Hydration Tip:

I recommend putting a bottle or cup of water on your teaching desk. I also recommend using a straw so that you can quickly drink between slides without touching your mic. I also have a mute button on my mic that I can use when I take a sip when a student is talking.  

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