13 Things to Do Between Classes

Hello world! My name is Teacher Rae and I have been teaching with Qkids for 2 years! I can usually be found during classes sporting these flower glasses and a big smile and here’s what I’m up to when I’m not teaching! This is truly the best job ever and I am excited to share a little glimpse into what my breaks from teaching look like.

1. Yoga 

A great stretch for the body, especially after sitting in an uncomfortable chair for quite a few classes. 

2. Stare Outside

I especially like to do this when there is a beautiful sunrise or sunset going on!

3. Have a Snack

Usually, I go grab some berries or some cheese. One time I even tried to bake a microwave mug cake… (all I need to say is that the timer was beeping for most of my next class).

4. Journal

This is my new favorite 5-minute pass time. As I try to cultivate a life of more gratitude and mindfulness, I will take the little breaks to write out things I am grateful for (teaching for Qkids and seeing the kids I teach smile seems to make the list quite often) or I write out my thoughts or things to do today.

5. Take a 4-Minute Power Nap

Although getting under my covers felt nice, when my alarm went off 240 seconds later, I was not as happy of a camper.

6. Jog Around My House

Got a few steps in, won’t say I do this often but definitely gets my heart rate up for a few minutes.

7. Freshen Up

I wash my face, brush my teeth, and change clothes. Sometimes I have to leave for school or a meeting right after I finish my last class so usually the class before I will get ready to go so after my final camera high-5s I can run out the door.

8. Space Out

Literally, I do not know how this happens. I will finish my class, stare at the screen, and then oop before I know it, it’s time to log into the next one. A quick slap to the cheeks and an open mouth smile and I am ready to go again.

9. Play Music 

(Read: have a dance party). Sometimes when I catch myself getting drowsy in a class, I will blast my favorite morning motivation (it is a playlist!) to help jolt me awake, and sometimes I have to carry the dancing into my next class…

10. Pet My Cat

Whenever I see students that hold their cat or their dog jumps in the back or they show me their hamster. I feel a pang of guilt that my cat is not getting enough love when I teach so I’ll hunt around my house until I find him and then I’ll give him a few pets and maybe a treat before returning to seeing the virtual pets.

11. Make Tea

Depending on how fast the water heats, I sometimes run late and get into another kind of hot water. But having some tea is a great way to wake up in between classes and it is good for you!

12. Read a Book

Granted I don’t do this often, but when I have a good book, I hate to put it down, and even reading just a few pages is worth it to me. The worst part is when I end on a cliff hanger and then have to teach a 30-minute lesson while the plot climax is in the back of my mind begging me to return to the pages. Good thing I have another 5-minute break coming!

13. Get Ready for the Next Class! 

This is a great tip especially for new teachers if you are teaching a lesson you aren’t familiar with or if you are teaching upper levels and you need to skim through the grammar and vocabulary. Qkids does a great job (especially on the new platform) of checking your upcoming schedule. Sometimes I’ll do a quick Google search to make sure I pronounce the word right or am getting the right context to explain it to my Qkiddos.

Comment below and let me know what you do in your 5-minute breaks! And if you’re not a teacher yet for Qkids-what are you waiting for? Use my referral code: or link https://teacher.qkids.com/ref?code=GFKNQN and sign up!

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