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Basics That All Qkids Teachers Need to Know

Hi! I am Teacher Marissa. I work for Qkids part-time and am a professional actress. I have been with Qkids for less than a year and I love teaching online and the flexibility it gives me. I am a night owl, so I love teaching at night. Here are a few basic tips I compiled for new teachers that I wish I had all in one place when I first started:

What Do I Do When…?Tech issues? Can’t see students? Don’t panic! Unplug your headset and replug or exit the classroom after 3 minutes in (so you don’t get kicked out) and that usually fixes all of my problems. CCT is also always there for assistance and they are super helpful.
If you are having sound issues with a higher-level group, you can always write them a note to explain what is happening.
If you have an empty class, wait 10 minutes, then take a screenshot just in case there was a mix-up and leave. Who Are All These Characters?In lower levels, we have our two main characters: Koby Koala and Momo Monkey. There is also Wade Wolf, Frank Fox, Dory…

Equipment Starter Pack for Qkids Teachers

Hello Everyone! Teacher Suna here from Toronto, Canada. I’ve been teaching with Qkids for over a year now. 

(No affiliate links appear in this article. The specific items mentioned in this article are simply suggestions from a Qkids teacher and not requirements.)
Here’s a “teacher starter pack” I created that shows you all the must-have equipment you should consider to get started on your Qkids Teacher journey. If you’re a seasoned teacher, you might consider these products if you’re looking for an upgrade or addition to the technology you already use. I have provided links to all the products in this blog with options for both the United States and Canada. All the products I have listed below are $25 USD or less!
Let’s get started! Headset with a MicrophoneYou will need some sort of headset with a microphone to teach classes. This can be either a wireless headset or one with a cord. I personally use a headset with a wire that has a mute/unmute button and volume adjustment. Here are two o…

Dude! High-Five! (TPR in Qkids Online Classroom)

I'm Julie and I'm an online teacher with Qkids. I've been a germ sharing teacher for many years in the wonderful State of Maine, but now I'm taking my show on the online-road with Qkids! Please join me on this adventure, and if you like what you see, feel free to use my referral code and I'll lend a hand to pull you on board! I promise it will be germ-free! (
As a middle school teacher, the High-Five was a quick, easy, and fun way to connect with students. Walking down the hall, after an accomplishment, or at the end of a long day. But then… it became dangerous! Our fingers became public enemy number one. Who knew what vile and infectious critters had taken up residence on those 11-year-old digits? Where had they been? What exposures had they had? How long had it been since they had been washed? Who knew that a simple hand gesture could be so hazardous?
Enter Qkids! I’ve only been teaching online with Qkids for a handful of …

13 Things to Do Between Classes

Hello world! My name is Teacher Rae and I have been teaching with Qkids for 2 years! I can usually be found during classes sporting these flower glasses and a big smile and here’s what I’m up to when I’m not teaching! This is truly the best job ever and I am excited to share a little glimpse into what my breaks from teaching look like.

1. Yoga A great stretch for the body, especially after sitting in an uncomfortable chair for quite a few classes.

2. Stare OutsideI especially like to do this when there is a beautiful sunrise or sunset going on!

3. Have a SnackUsually, I go grab some berries or some cheese. One time I even tried to bake a microwave mug cake… (all I need to say is that the timer was beeping for most of my next class).

4. JournalThis is my new favorite 5-minute pass time. As I try to cultivate a life of more gratitude and mindfulness, I will take the little breaks to write out things I am grateful for (teaching for Qkids and seeing the kids I teach smile seems to make the li…

Qkids Teacher Tips: How To Extend Those Lessons.....

My name is Jennifer. I have been teaching with Qkids since July of 2018. I have a diverse background.  I have a degree in Physical Therapy, am certified as a health coach, TESOL teacher, and Hoop Love Coach (hula hooping teacher) and have a license in physical therapy. Some jobs that I have had, or currently have, ranged from being a toddler teacher, circus performer/teacher, health coach, physical therapist assistant, home educator, and more. I continue to work on my studies and believe learning is a life long adventure. 

How To Extend Those Lessons.....Oh, no...what do I do now? We have all been there at one point or another. You get to the last slide in your lesson to find out that you have some time left to fill. If you are a newer teacher, this may bring you into a panic mode. This may be the one thing you don’t want to happen. You need to think quickly and improvise to extend your lesson. As a veteran teacher, I want to offer you some suggestions.  Tip 1: Make NotesOne thing I do …

How I Prepare for a Qkids Class

Hello! My name is Kristen Harrison and I have been lucky enough to teach with Qkids for 6 months. Before teaching ESL online, I taught Science in a brick and mortar high school for 8 years, leaving to spend more time with my family. The transition from brick and mortar to online teaching hasn’t always been smooth sailing, however, these 3 preparation tips have enabled me to put my best foot forward every day.
Tip #1: Get a Good Night’s SleepI know, I have a toddler, you have a newborn, her roommate works the night shift. A good night’s sleep isn’t always possible and may even seem like a dream in itself. I do my best to get in bed within the 8-hour time frame of when I need to be awake to at least let my body rest, whether my mind can turn off or not. I have turned off the blue light on my devices and resist the urge, however strong, to start the newest season of whatever binge-able show has just made its debut. I also suggest alternating teaching days when you are not able to get a fu…

Self Care Working From Home for Qkids

Hello, my name is Evie Zerefos and I LOVE teaching for Qkids! Before Qkids I was a full-time College Professor and Business Consultant/Trainer. In addition to working full time, I am a wife, mother of 3 fantastic children, and very involved with my community. After experiencing some heart issues, I decided the money and career ladder was nice but living long enough to enjoy my family was even BETTER!!! Now, I teach college courses online part-time in addition to teaching for Qkids. The rest of my time is spent with my family. I believe in a holistic and healthy lifestyle that promotes a work-life balance.  
Working from home is GREAT however if not careful it could be dangerous to your health. It is so easy to get comfortable in your chair and work all night into the morning hours thinking about the money you are making. Yes, the money is great, but are you? How about your family? Do you find you are tired, cranky, and have little enjoyment during your personal time? By following some …