Put the Spark Back Into Your Teaching!

“Hello everyone, I’m Teacher Megan!”
I have used those words to greet hundreds of students, and I never get tired of it!
I live in the North-eastern United States and I have been teaching online for 3 years. I like to keep my coffee cup filled, ring light on, and cute fuzzy props ready!

As online educators, we put a lot into our teaching- but for every bit of effort and energy that we spend, we gain so many rewards!
We watch our students grow, and we grow as better teachers with each class that we teach.
Sometimes, though, we start to become “robot teachers”...on autopilot, using the same teaching styles that have worked in the past but without the inspiration and energy that we used to have. How do we get our spark back? How do we keep it fresh, without throwing off our teaching style?

From someone who has been in a teaching rut and back (several times..hehe) here are some tried and tested methods!

Learn From the Best

When looking inward for inspiration is bringing up some serious dust bunnies, try looking to outside sources. I have found videos of other teachers to be especially helpful because you can imitate not just their tricks but also learn from their overall teaching style. Sometimes when I am a little nervous before a class I will watch a Youtube video of an inspiring teacher to get myself “in the groove” for class. It helps to chase those butterflies away!

Small Things Make a Big Difference

Has it been harder for you to get excited about class? Maybe it’s the early mornings getting you down, or things are feeling a bit monotonous.
It might not take a big change to make a big difference!
Little things that you use in the classroom every day can really have a big impact on your overall classroom experience.
Your teaching station can either make you excited for class- or excited that class is over!
Updating your lighting, headphones, or chair can go a long way to making your class bright and comfy, and sometimes, just buying a few new props to refresh your collection can add a little more life to your class!

Pause and Reset

When all else fails, it might be time to take a little breather to reset and refresh. When we are tired or stressed, it can come across in our teaching demeanor without us even noticing. It is perfectly okay to hit pause and regroup, and come back to class recharged and ready to go! For our students, we are not just their educators but also their cheerleaders and number one fans! Taking care of ourselves mentally and emotionally helps us to bring all of the positive energy that our students need to succeed.

Teachers and students have one major thing in common - we are forever learning!
Be sure to make a note of the tricks and tips that work for you, and revisit that list whenever it’s time for a little boost.
Hundreds of students later, I am still having fun- and I hope that you will be, too!

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