10 Things I Wish I Knew (Sooner) About Teaching With Qkids

Hello, everyone! Teacher Suna here. I’ve been teaching with Qkids for over a year now and here are 10 things I wish I knew sooner: about the job when teaching, and about pay and performance. 

About the Job

Stay in the Loop with Social Media

Join Qkids Facebook Groups such as Qkids English, Teacher Tips, House of Qkids. Subscribe to the Qkids Blog. You can gain new teaching strategies, learn more about the platform, keep up with updates, and participate in giveaways to win some cool Qkids Swag (I’ve actually won some swag twice now!) 

Peak and Off-Peak Seasons

January, February, July, and August are usually peak seasons. This means that teachers can expect fuller schedules and Qkids opens the schedule to include morning and evening classes every day of the week. In the other months, you can expect to have fewer classes along with the regular schedule (Evening classes on Friday and Saturday only).

*Given the school closures this year, there was a peak season from February to April.

Teaching on the Qkids Platform

The “Elsa” Sticker 

When a student asks for an “Elsa” sticker (which happens often!) giving them the crown mask and the snow sticker usually does the trick!

Student’s Previous Evaluation

You can see a student’s evaluation from the previous class while you are teaching. Simply hover over the student icon while in class and click the button on the right next to the student volume button.

When You Cannot See or Hear Any Students

Sometimes you enter a class, your students are present, but you cannot see or hear them. When this happens, play the Bingo game or any other games that don’t require their audio participation. You can also teach regularly and pretend that you are getting responses from your students. Do this until you are 3 minutes into the class at which point you can exit and re-enter the class. The students’ audio and videos should appear after this and you can now continue teaching your class! 

*Waiting until the 3-minute mark is important because otherwise you will get kicked out of your class and be marked absent.

No Students in the Classroom

If there appear to be no students in your class, you must wait for 10 mins before you can leave the class. I would take a screenshot of your empty class at the 10 min mark just in case. You can also message CCT if you’d like to let them know before you leave the class.

Pay & Performance

Performance Bonus and Tags

Getting red or green tags are not related to your performance bonus. Getting a 4 or 5-star rating ensures the performance bonus per class. This means you can get red tags and still receive the performance bonus for that class. Similarly, you can get green tags and not receive the performance bonus for that class.

Reviewing your Classes for Improvement

Qkids have access to all classes so if you’re ever feeling like you need to improve your teaching or are receiving frequent red tags, you can reach out to your coach to review your classes and get feedback.

Referral Bonus Pay vs. Regular Pay

Referral bonus pay and your regular pay are processed separately. This means you will receive two separate payments for months where you received a referral bonus. The referral bonus usually comes some time after your monthly payment. 

Payment - Be patient!

Payments can take up to the 15th of the next month to show up in your account. Don’t panic if you haven’t seen a payment until then. It also takes several days for your payment to reset on the mobile app. 

Well, there you have it! 10 things I wish I knew sooner as a Qkids Teacher. If you’re reading this and are not a Qkids Teacher yet, you can use my referral link to get started!

Happy Teaching!


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