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Hey, all you online teachers! My name is Teacher Megan, and my online teaching journey began about three years ago. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, with lots of adorable students, laughs, and of course, more cups of coffee than I could possibly count!

If you’ve just recently ventured into the online teaching world, I know it can be a little overwhelming. It might seem daunting to even know where to get started!

To help out some of you newer teachers- and also anyone who’s in the market for some new supplies, I thought I’d share some of the tools I use to make my classes run smoothly! I hope it helps!

I Want to Teach English Online - What Equipment Should I Invest In?

Good Lighting

It doesn’t take much money to get your lighting set-up just right, but it does make a huge difference in the impression that you will make! Also, good lighting helps to smooth out those tired under-eye bags you’ll get from teaching early mornings and late nights. If you can, try to get something portable and reliable, so that you can use it if you need to switch rooms or to take it with you while traveling. The light that I use even has a stand for your phone, to keep it handy near your computer screen!

Light with a clamp and phone holder:

Fun lights for your background if you’d like (they are very long, and last forever!):

A Good Background

These are cheap and easy to find on Amazon. I like to use wall tapestries that are colorful and portable. Another option is a whiteboard if you think you will be using one. If you are teaching children, be sure to keep it bright and colorful!

Wall tapestry ideas:

Comfy Headphones

I personally love big gamer-style headphones. They hide bad hair days, have easy access to sound control on their cord, and are oh-so-comfy for long teaching hours!

Here is the pair I use:

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

If you are prone to headaches, or maybe just want to hide how tired you look and feel in the morning like I do, you can always purchase an inexpensive pair of blue-light blocking glasses. They will protect your eyes from the screen glare and also come in an array of fun shapes and sizes to make you the coolest looking teacher around!

I wear these:


So many teachers ask me two things- do I need props? What props do I need? To answer the first question, yes! If you are teaching children, you will find props to be invaluable. They are fantastic teaching aids, and they are so helpful when dealing with the occasional grumpy student! So which props should you invest in? One idea is to start small, with some flashcards and a few other props, and then make a note as you teach classes of which props would be helpful, gradually adding them to your collection as needed. Here are my main go-to props to get you started:
  • crayons (to teach colors)
  • plastic food (as a reward and conversation piece)
  • an inflatable world globe (to discuss places)
  • toy animals (to calm students and encourage them)
  • flashcards (numbers and letters)
  • random things such as a dollar bill, a flower, a book, and a hat
  • I use these flashcards:

A Few Other Little Notes:

You may need to invest in a quality webcam if your picture is grainy. Also, some teachers swear by whiteboards, as they fill in the gap when it comes to any props they don’t have.
For myself, I make sure to keep a supply of chocolate-covered espresso beans handy for those energy emergencies.

Another personal preference is using a slim, quiet mouse because it doesn’t make noise during class and it’s easy to transport.

Here’s a great mouse and it’s not too pricey:

This may seem like a lot of work to find and order these supplies- but remember,
it’s worth it! You should invest in setting up a great teaching station for yourself- you are setting yourself up to succeed, to be comfortable, and to have fun!

I hope this helps! If you have any questions let me know!
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