How to Start a Class Strong

Hello! My name is Michele Gillis and I have been teaching with Qkids since August. I live in Jacksonville Beach, FL with my family. I have two teenagers and also work as a freelance writer and an Avon Rep. I have to say Qkids is by far my favorite job!

When I enter the class, I introduce myself and ask them their name and say “Nice to meet you!”
You can usually gauge the energy of the students usually right from the beginning depending on how they respond to the initial interaction.   
I also ask how they are and put up stickers to reflect their answer. Most of the time, they say they are good or happy! I think they feel valued when we ask how they are.

Flashcards Rock!

I usually start my class with a variety of Flash Cards I picked up at the dollar store. I usually start with easy cards showing the words ball or apple to see how they do.

Then I pull out my cat, duck, tiger, pig, etc….I ask, "What sound does it make?" If I am getting blank stares, I will say, "Does the cat say 'Woof Woof?'. They usually laugh at me and say, "No! It says Meow!" Then we move onto the other animals and depending on their silliness level, they will play along.
Pig is my favorite. If I can get a student to push up their nose and snort, the class will go great from there!

Other ideas are asking what something is and what color it is! They seem to be more engaged with questions they can answer easily.
Flashcards are a great ice breaker and allow the kids to have fun before class.

Sticker Fun!

Depending on the age of the kids, I start the class by pulling up food stickers for them to identify.

I even try to get them to laugh, by putting bananas or apples on a pizza and ask if they have ever had a banana or apple pizza. They laugh and say, "No!"               
I also pull up the ice cream sticker and ask what their favorite flavors are. I've gotten flavors such as watermelon, blueberry, and of course chocolate!

Sometimes, I have them dissect the hamburger by asking, "What is on the hamburger?" They love that because they are practicing their words while trying to explain tomato, lettuce, hamburger, and cheese.

Overall, the goal is to get them engaged in learning before you start the lesson! It helps when the kids are having fun and you are too! If you would like to join Qkids and have a fun and wonderful job with an exceptional company, please use my referral link! or email me with any questions! My email is

Happy Teaching!

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