Covid-19 and Qkids

Greetings from North Carolina. My name is Teacher Garthea, and I have been a Qkids Teacher since January of 2019. What an adventure! After having spent thirty plus years -- most of my adult life --  as a brick and mortar teacher and administrator; my husband and I returned to the mainland USA. We had been living on the island of Guam for thirty-two years, where we were both involved in education. What a privilege it was to teach children from many Asian cultures and college students from the Micronesian Islands. Qkids is allowing me the opportunity to continue my passion for teaching ESL students right from my own home! 

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Covid-19 and Qkids

As the world deals with the Coronavirus Pandemic, people of all nations have found themselves facing chaos, instability, and insecurity. This uncertainty has crossed boundaries and permeated cultures on an international level. As a natural result of such difficulty, people are looking beyond their comfort zones and reaching out to encourage and support one another. A time like this tends to bring out the best or the worst in individuals.  I am happy to say that I have seen the best in many people, both here in America and abroad.

Chinese New Year is typically a festive and joyful time of being with family, recounting the blessings of the old year, and looking forward to the new year with anticipation and hope. The beginning of 2020 in China, and subsequently the world, was anything but typical. Everyday items, routines, and relationships, that are often taken for granted, quickly became precious and missed. It was a joy to be able to encourage Chinese students and their parents during these uncertain days. Now that we are facing the very same crises here on American soil, it is a joy to be encouraged by many of those same students and parents.

The Qkids Staff, both Coaching and Class Coordination Team, have been a real source of encouragement as well. It has not been an easy task for them to work remotely for such a long time and still keep the system and communication up and running so smoothly. The extended hours and obvious concern, for both student health and teachers alike, is typical of the support I have received since becoming a Qkids teacher.

It is a privilege to be part of such a quality company.  There are three specific ways that Qkids has—and is—helping me to navigate these uncertain days:


One definition of structure is a specific way things are arranged. My day is usually scheduled or – you might say, "structured" – around the classes I teach. It has been such an encouragement to not only continue teaching my regular classes but also teach extra ones due to the foresight of Qkids and their desire to provide structure for the children of China during the lengthy school closure. As a direct result of this structure comes the second way in which Qkids is helping me.


Stability is the ability to resist change and avoid great “ups” and “downs”. I am grateful for the stabilizing effect the continuing classes are providing the students and also for the personal benefit of being able to maintain a normal work routine. The Coronavirus has brought with it much upheaval, but the stability of work with Qkids has alleviated stress in this area. Being able to experience this level of stability has resulted in the third way Qkids is such an encouragement.


Security is the idea of wellbeing or the sense of being safe. Another way of expressing this is freedom from fear or anxiousness. These are very anxious days in which we find ourselves, but the security that I am alluding to is the confidence I have found through the support of my mentor, coach, CCT, and Firemen at Qkids. None of us knows what each new day might hold. It is because of this fact that I am so happy to be a part of such a great team of workers and for the personal support I have received from each and every one.

Thank you for a job well done, Qkids!!!

Shaping the future of E-learning together! Helping Qkids family grow in your own way!

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