Your Biggest Fears About Online Teaching: The Facts and the Myths

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Your Biggest Fears About Online Teaching: The Facts and the Myths

Over the past three years, I have received so much help from other online teachers.
It’s a great thing to be able to draw from the experiences of people who have been where you are now. Especially when you are just getting started!
I remember those days -  I had some big fears and sooo many questions. And sometimes it seemed that teachers were so happy to refer me to their company, that they were afraid to mention any challenges online teaching might entail.
Well, that’s not what this blog is about! Let’s hear the real story – the fears you have about online teaching addressed!

What If I Can’t Make Money?

Fact: You Can Make a Solid Income Teaching Online 

As someone who has been doing this for three years, I can tell you that it is possible. I was even able to leave my brick-and-mortar job! Of course, this depends on your personal circumstances, and many people also enjoy teaching English online as a second job.
Two quick disclaimers- teaching online has both busy and slow seasons! So if you make sure to take advantage of busier seasons with extra classes, it will help you to have a little cushion for when holidays or slower periods come along.
Also, new hires for most companies are eased into full schedules, so hang in there the first month or two!

Myth: You Can Make a Solid Income Teaching Online ...From Any Company

Two things need to happen to make a solid monthly paycheck when teaching online, and both of them depend a lot on the company that you choose.

First, you need to fill your classes.
How do you make sure you choose a company that actually gives you students and not a barely-filled schedule? I would highly recommend choosing a company that provides company-booked classes, versus parent-booked. What does that mean? It means the company is responsible for finding your students and filling your time slots. Many teachers have found that parent-booked classes are much harder to fill! You might have to market yourself in competition with thousands of other teachers, and if students aren’t in love with you, you might have a schedule that is full of holes. Companies such as Qkids do the hard work for you, they find the students so that you can focus on teaching!

Secondly, you need to choose a company that has fair policies so that they don’t use penalties to keep that money from ever getting to your bank account!
Some companies have complicated policies that require you to jump through hoops to meet bonus incentives. They might have severe or unfair penalties that make a deep cut into your paycheck! Be sure to look for comments on the company’s benefit and penalty policy when doing your research.

What If I Choose the Wrong Company?

Fact: You Might Not Find the Right Company for You Right Away- and That’s Okay

One of my biggest fears starting out, was with all of the online teaching companies out there, how could I choose the right one for me?
This is where it helps to look at honest teacher reviews. You can find these online, even on Youtube!
That's how I found Qkids! Ok, so, to be honest, I didn't find Qkids on my first try online teaching or even my second! But after some trial and error, I found a home here and I am so happy that I did! Don't worry; if you don't get it right the first time, it will still be worth the effort when you finally find the company that is the best fit for you.

Myth: One Company Fits All

I love the company that I work for, but every teacher has different needs.
Take some time to make a note of several non-negotiable things you need from a company, and then as you consider different companies, compare them to your list.

What If I’m Not Cut out for It?

Truth: Preparation and Practice Make Perfect(Ish)

Especially since many of us have never taught online before, the idea of teaching those first classes can seem very daunting! And of course, a few mistakes will be made as you ease into a new routine and learn how to work the software. Be sure to leave yourself little cheat sheets in sight of your computer in case you panic during class; for example a few important policy notes, a checklist for what to do before class starts or anything that you might forget if you get a little frazzled! The more prepared you are, the less nervous you will be. And those butterflies go away after you find your teaching groove!

Myth: You Need to Be High Energy All Class, Every Class

A big concern that many first-time teachers have is being high-energy and happy in the classroom- especially when classes are very early in the morning! I am NOT a morning person, so I feel you on this one!

First of all, don't worry about constantly maintaining very HIGH energy. This can be exhausting and come across pretty fake too! What I prefer is a VARIED energy class. During part of the class, I might whisper, or put a finger to my chin to pretend think, whereas during another portion of the class I might sing, dance or be excited.

For older students, they prefer a more calm class environment and won't be so thrilled with over-the-top antics, so be sure to adapt to students' needs as well.
And when you do need an energy boost, keep some chocolate-covered espresso beans by your teaching station. They are a wonderful pick-me-up whenever you feel yourself dragging a little bit!

Online teachers have a great support group! Whatever challenges are ahead, you can be a successful online teacher.

If you’d like to try Qkids, I completely recommend them. Here is a link with my referral code to get you started:
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