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Live, Love, and Especially Laugh. Hey Qkids Family and those of you looking into working for Qkids. Teacher Jason here, and with a background of being around kids all the time, whether it be performing Magic shows for Kids and Adults alike, Substitute teaching in a classroom or working with my Church's Youth group, I love working with Kids and Teenagers. I have been with Qkids for just over 6 months now, and have learned so much about taking Qkids classes and trying to work laughter and fun into the classroom.

As I have come to learn, each child that enters your classroom is different. Some are nervous, some are super excited, some are super shy, and some are just so gosh darn cute. All of these kids have one thing in common, they are here to learn. We as educators have to find a way to engage them, keep them interested, and sometimes find a way to connect them to keep everyone interested.

Have you ever come to the classroom to find that some of your older kids look like Bart from The Simpsons in the above picture?  They are thinking, "here we go again." Let's see what this teacher is going to do to wow me. If you can start with a laugh at the Welcome screen or the early stages of the class, you have a chance to engage these kids and getting them excited about learning English. The other day I had a little girl whose younger sister was sitting just off-camera and when a picture of noodles came up on the screen as part of the review slide, usually your number 2 slide.  Her little sister said, "Chocolate cake." Now for the life of me, I couldn't figure out where that came from, but I took it and ran with it as it made the other kids in the classroom start to laugh. It became a running gag that we used for the rest of the class to keep the kids in good humor.  It wasn't the answer to everything, but on occasion, if the child didn't know the answer to a question I was asking, I might say, "Is it Chocolate Cake?" To which, all of the kids would start laughing again.

Use your classroom tools. One of my favorites is the slot machine. While your students have control to make the machine start, sometimes after they click the start button, I will take control on my side and click the start button up to 5 to 7 times and start acting like the machine is out of control while I throw up my hands like it's not me doing it. I have gotten some of the biggest laughs as the students are getting extra diamonds and see the teacher freaking out over the slot machine going crazy. Yes, we still make our sentences, but sometimes after multiple slides of learning the words featured in the lucky game, this is an opportunity to relax a little.

Lastly, if you can find a way to get your kids involved in helping to teach the class, that is one more way you can get them excited as well. In the Choose one or two-game, or the click and drag games you have another opportunity to help the kids not only practice the English language but also the opportunity to become the teacher. In the Pick One or Two game, I will review the items on the screen, by highlighting each on with the spotlight or circling it with the highlighter. Then I will play the game a couple of times, after that, I will pick a student and TPR, "Say One or Say Two." When the other kids realize they will get to choose the items that we are talking about and also get rewarded with diamonds for getting the correct answer, they stay focused waiting on their turn to take control of the game. This also works with the click and drag games, where you match up any activity with a time or an item with where it is located. I have found allowing the kids to actively affect what everyone is doing really engages them.

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