I Love Qkids Because...

Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer. Teaching for Qkids is fun! But, there are many reasons why I have loved this job. To begin with, let me share my background. I am a mom of now two adult daughters. One of which I homeschooled for eleven years. (That was impressive in itself for me, who never imagined that I would ever homeschool.) But, what an amazing journey it was!

My background is diverse. I have a Degree in Physical Therapy, am certified as a health coach and Hoop Love Coach (hula hooping teacher) and have a license in physical therapy. Some jobs that I have had, or currently have, ranged from being a toddler teacher, circus performer/teacher, health coach, physical therapist assistant, home educator and more.

I love being part of people’s lives by encouraging education while having fun and enjoying life. I believe these things combined are the recipe to thrive in life. Qkids fits that mold exactly. I am glad that I found Qkids for my newest stage in life as my youngest daughter transitioned to college.

I love Qkids because:

Qkids Is Fun

Where else can you get paid to laugh, sing and dance while having a good time? At Qkids I get to engage kids by exaggerated hand movements, learn new words through song and tell jokes to initiate responses from students. I can bring out my silly self. 

There Is Flexible Scheduling

I can let staff know the schedule that I am available to teach and am scheduled according to that specifically. If I am sick and need to remove a class, there is no penalty for canceling as long as I give over 5 hours notice. That is a very reasonable option.

There Are Great Hours Offered

Qkids classes are scheduled during non-typical business hours. Because the students are actually in China, classes are available early mornings and late at night in my timezone in the United States. This allows for more time for other work or family commitments. Specifically, I take care of my disabled daughter at home. The hours of work that I do for Qkids allows me time to get my daughter to medical appointments and to/from her college when needed.

The Kids Are Adorable

I have had students that range in age from 3-12 years. These kids are so smart! I love hearing what they have to say. Sometimes they show me their pet, sibling or stuffed toy in their room. I enjoy the excitement that they have to learn the English language. Their smiles and sense of accomplishment when they are successful warms my heart. They are so cute as they sing and mimic what you do. Most tell me how much they like to learn.

I Can Learn About a New Culture

I didn't know a lot about China before teaching with Qkids. But, the kids and lessons have taught me about things such as mooncakes, the monster Nian, spring festival activities, what a school day is like in China and typical family compositions. I love that the kids often tell me how much they enjoy school. Since working at Qkids, I have taken out books in the library on China and attended Chinese festivals locally to gain an understanding of what life is like for my students. I have visited an Asian market and bought longan and lychee (fruit) to try after learning about them in a lesson. Qkids has expanded my world and experiences.

I Have Been Able to Meet and Learn From Other Qkids Teachers

Qkids has online groups where I can meet other teachers. Some teachers here in the United States have even gotten together in person. Whenever I have trouble understanding what a lesson is meant to teach, I can pop into the group and ask my fellow teachers. Some of us teachers have also collaborated to produce a video on how much we like Qkids.

Qkids Does the Work of Putting Curriculum and Lesson Plans Together for Me

There is very little preparation needed. Qkids designs a great curriculum with fun characters including their stars Koby Koala and Momo Monkey.  The characters are so relatable and the kids have fun following their adventures.

Qkids Likes to Give out Swag to Their Teachers

They offer regular contests to receive some of their swag. So far I have received a t-shirt and two mugs mailed to me from the company. They, of course, are super cute and have the stars Momo and Koby on them.

Qkids Offers Other Opportunities Outside of the Teaching

One of my passions, as I mentioned earlier, is hula hooping. I was paid to do a hula hooping Christmas video that was shared with the kids and their families. That was a lot of fun. Qkids also posts about positions that come up for teachers that are interested in going to China. They also give teachers options for writing posts for their Blog. Teachers are also paid bonuses for successful referrals that they make.

Qkids Staff Is so Nice

Each teacher gets a coach that helps them along in the process. My experience with my coach as well as the tech department and other staff has always been very kind, understanding and supportive. There is regular communication with the company with any updates that come our way, as well as quick response times with questions asked. 

The Job Is Very Rewarding

Not only is the pay great (especially from home), but seeing the kids be successful in their educational endeavors gives me a sense of satisfaction and joy. You feel a sense of accomplishment.

I Work From Home

I have the shortest commute ever!  I wake up 20 minutes before my first class, throw on a nice shirt, brush my hair, get a cup of tea and I am good to go.  When I am all done teaching, I can go back to bed for a short time if I like. No commuting costs here. 

So, what’s not to love?  Rewarding work, great staff, support, fun, cute kids, no commute, time for other endeavors...need I say more?  Teaching for Qkids is great!

Shaping the future of E-learning together! Helping Qkids family grow in your own way!

Qkids Family

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