How Qkids Has Provided Us with Vital Tools During this Difficult Time

A little over a month ago, I wrote a blog that motivated and thanked fellow Qkids teachers as we dealt with the excess work schedules due to the presence of COVID-19 in China. At this time there were no identified or known cases in the United States. Well, here we are a month later and the number of Americans impacted by the global pandemic continues to increase. Our lives as Qkids teachers have shifted. Aside from teaching full schedules, many of us have begun homeschooling our children as schools throughout the nation have shut down. Therefore, it is essential to remind all Qkids teachers, "You have got this!!" Working for Qkids has provided you with all the essential tools that you need to continue to be an effective teacher in the classroom as well as to your children at home.  

However, first and foremost teachers must take care of themselves and remain healthy. Taking time to nap or meditate to ensure that you are well-rested is crucial. A teacher that is not well-rested has the potential to be easily irritable, which can set an overall negative tone for the classroom. A negative environment is not a learning environment, so as teachers we must strive to create a positive learning environment filled with smiles and cheer. Essential oils work wonders for keeping the senses alert and your overall mood positive. Citrus and peppermint oils provide a quick burst of energy. Applying these oils to your temple or wrists before you teach provides energy as needed to help you pull through the classes you are scheduled to teach while showing off your million-dollar smiles. A cup of Joe, a nutritional bar, or eating some fruits and veggies can give you that burst of energy we need. Also sneaking in some dark chocolate or yogurt with granola does wonders. I keep a tub of mixed nuts and dark chocolate at my desk to snack on between classes. I am very fond of music, as I am sure many fellow teachers are. Having YouTube open can enable you to jam out in between classes. I often find myself singing along in between classes. Plus doing this provides great practice for us when we teach those awesome lessons that include a song.

As a parent who has homeschooled her son before, I can tell you that the same strategies that we use in with our students during lessons can be very beneficial to us as we guide our children who are now under our direction at home. Not to mention, we can involve our families more while we work. For example, my son helps me get props together before classes as well as helps me decorate my background as needed. Working with Qkids has provided us with a great technological advantage and has given us a glimpse of what a virtual classroom looks like. Ultimately, the company has given us the resources and knowhow we need to serve as teachers and leaders not only in our classes but to our families and communities if needed.

It is essential to point out that the pandemic has the potential to negatively impact our overall performance and attendance. I say this because this past week I have had to cancel many classes, because of personal issues such as not being able to find groceries for my family and elderly mother. Also, the huge strain on my internet provider as a result of a lot of individuals working from home and there being no school has led to technical issues and the internet crashing. However, I have kept an open line of communication with my coach and CCT, which has established a support system. If we communicate our problems as well as needs to Qkids we will not have any issues in terms of attendance or absences. It is during this time that we should consider ourselves lucky to be working for such an amazing and understanding company. Moreover, Qkids teachers should unite and continue to provide each other with much needed emotional and educational support. Sending warm hugs and thoughts to all the amazing Qkids teachers and staff during this very difficult time.

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