Have Fun and Laughing Moments

My name is Teacher Shelley. I have been a Qkids online English teacher since August 2019. My love for teaching began when I was a teenager and was asked to help teach my peers first aid and CPR. This love for teaching did not come right away. In fact, I hated teaching my peers at first. They were bored, showed no interest, and were disruptive in the classroom. I was frustrated and ready to quit, when the instructor of the class, provided a very simple tip to simply have fun in the classroom and make the students laugh.

Have Fun and Laughing Moments

Hmmmmm? Have fun? Laugh? That simple tip certainly couldn't be the answer to gaining the student's interest in the classroom. And then I got to thinking of all the teachers I have had, which ones did I enjoy and learn the most from? Although I remember the boring teachers that had a monotone voice and only read from the textbook, but it was those teachers that smiled, laughed, and made me laugh, which really made an impact on me and my ability to learn.

Once I began having fun with the students, they became engaged and interested in the topic of first aid and CPR. They entered the classroom with excitement and smiles on their face anticipating what was next. It was then that my love for teaching began. Having fun and laughing does matter for the student and the teacher.

As a teacher, we want to stimulate the students and create an environment that keeps the student's wanting to come back and learn more. Having fun and laughing in the classroom does not have to occur throughout the class. It simply can be just one fun moment during the class that will make a lasting impression on the students.

Creating a Fun Moment in the Classroom

You do not have to create every fun moment yourself. Many times the students will say or do something that will create a fun and laughing moment for you and the other students. Don't ignore these moments. Go with the flow and allow yourself and the students to enjoy it. It's perfectly okay to break away from the lesson for the students to experience that fun moment. It will make a difference in their learning experience.

The Qkids platform will also create fun and laughing moments for you. The interactive games throughout each lesson are very fun for the students. In addition, the storytime provided in each lesson can bring laughter into your class. One of my funniest moments while teaching a Qkids lesson was the animation during storytime. The story was about what the characters E-chief, E-orange, and E-green often do after work and on weekends.

As I clicked on the button to bring the story to life, E-chief was sitting on the couch eating popcorn and watching TV. He began laughing so hard that he fell backward off the couch. Oh my, did the students love this animation. It was a fun and laughing moment I will never forget. I took advantage of the students being engaged and replayed the animation a few times. The students loved it!

If there is one thing you can do as a Qkids teacher, it is having fun and make these students laugh. We don't always have to go through the same motions in each class we teach. Chances are if you are having fun, the students are having fun too. And when they are having fun, their learning is impacted.

If you’re interested in learning more or joining the teacher fun at Qkids, you can find out more here QkidsTeacher or I would be happy to assist you. Simply send me an email at  shelleymaespicher@yahoo.com or message me on Facebook at TeacherShelleySpicher.

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Teacher Shelley

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