Do You Really Need That Many Props?

Kelly is a Qkids teacher from the United States. She has worked with children for over six years in a daycare facility and she has been teaching online for six months! Kelly has worked with children between the age of six weeks and six years old. She helped build an educational curriculum for children between the ages of three and six. When she is not teaching, Kelly is an actress on stage and film. Having learned English as a second language, Kelly has enjoyed teaching children to acquire the language in a fun way as she had! 

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Do You Really Need That Many Props? 

The #1 Tool in Teacher Kelly’s Classroom
One of the questions a new teacher often asks is whether you need a lot of props when teaching online. In addition to TPR, 2D and 3D props can help a lot in creating a fun learning environment while also helping your students create a better understanding of their materials to real-life objects. I have been a teacher for only eight months and I’ve accumulated enough props to make my small 35ft² workspace explode. What are some useful props in my classroom, you may ask? 


I have people and animal puppets to help make the classroom a lot more fun when teaching lower levels. A lot of times breaking through the silent period means that you have to stop being a teacher and start being Wiley the Wabbit to talk to the children. If you’re not a fan of big props and you’re cramped for space, finger puppets do the job just the same as hand puppets. I find that my people puppets are really good for teaching pronouns! You can show grandpa puppet and say “He is a grandpa!” or “I love him!” or “His shirt is blue!” I love how versatile these finger puppets can be!  


I love animals. They’re super cute and they’re super useful! Invest in a pack of animals at Party City and you’ll find yourself having all kinds of fun when teaching the animal lessons! You can also invest in some wooden animals that are super cute. They’ve acted as a reward system when I have a small class of just one or two students. They make the class more engaging and interactive. Qkids have various lessons in Level 4 about animals and their habitats. In Level 6, we learn about measuring animals’ height and weight.


Before we were given more options for stickers, it was hard to give students who wanted a car or a whale what they wanted after a lesson. So I’ve invested in some 2D props, slapped a piece of magnetic tape on their backing, and bam! I’ve gotten some new sticker options! I can do the same with the wooden animal props as well when the students ask for different animal stickers! 

These are just a few props in my arsenal. In addition to these props, I also have food props, trophies to create friendly competitions during lesson time, and learning cards. If you do not have a lot of space but would like to have some props, 2D props are wonderful. You can buy a pack of animals, alphabet, food, and number flashcards to achieve the same effects! But ultimately, at the end of the day, I find that I don’t need all these props. There is only one thing in my classroom that has made the biggest difference. 

Dry Erase Board

My whiteboard has been the most reliable and most useful prop/tool in my classroom. It is portable and I can bring it anywhere at any time. It can help me achieve the same level of understanding as having other props. I can draw animals on there. I can draw new stickers for the students. I can create learning patterns that help students learn in the classroom. If I did not have any other props, my classroom will remain just as effective with just the use of a whiteboard. 

So if you’re a new teacher, do not be intimidated and be pressured into buying a houseful of props. You can be an effective teacher while still being a minimalist. I live in a small apartment and everything I buy has to fit into a small teaching space. I also travel a lot between work and family. These props are a great hassle to lug around when you’re on the move so being able to grab my whiteboard and knowing I can teach just as well without my props makes me feel less pressured to cancel class when I’m not home. 

Happy Teaching! 
Teacher Kelly

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