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How Qkids Has Provided Us with Vital Tools During this Difficult Time

A little over a month ago, I wrote a blog that motivated and thanked fellow Qkids teachers as we dealt with the excess work schedules due to the presence of COVID-19 in China. At this time there were no identified or known cases in the United States. Well, here we are a month later and the number of Americans impacted by the global pandemic continues to increase. Our lives as Qkids teachers have shifted. Aside from teaching full schedules, many of us have begun homeschooling our children as schools throughout the nation have shut down. Therefore, it is essential to remind all Qkids teachers, "You have got this!!" Working for Qkids has provided you with all the essential tools that you need to continue to be an effective teacher in the classroom as well as to your children at home.  
However, first and foremost teachers must take care of themselves and remain healthy. Taking time to nap or meditate to ensure that you are well-rested is crucial. A teacher that is not well-reste…

How to Be the Optimal Teacher for the Best ESL Company in the World!

Hiya, Howdy, Hey! How are you today?! That’s the greeting I always use to welcome my lovely students to class each and every day. My name is Crystal, and I’m proud to say I’ve been a Qkids teacher for nearly 3 years. I’m a jack of all trades of a sort, with a wide variety of interests alongside teaching that include art, construction, and anything feline-related because I'm a cat fanatic! I have 43 kitties in my cat sanctuary, which keeps me pretty busy, but I want to share more about what I've learned while working for Qkids. Every class is such a fulfilling experience! You never know what to expect, so it's best to be prepared for anything and go in with confidence! Here's a tip guide to help you be the best ESL teacher you can be! Have a ball!

Time to Teach!Once you get hired and pass the demo courses, you get to sign a 6-month contract as an independent contractor with Qkids. This is a huge honor as you have now entered the wonderful world of online education! Welco…

Laughter and Engagement in the Best of Classes

Live, Love, and Especially Laugh. Hey Qkids Family and those of you looking into working for Qkids. Teacher Jason here, and with a background of being around kids all the time, whether it be performing Magic shows for Kids and Adults alike, Substitute teaching in a classroom or working with my Church's Youth group, I love working with Kids and Teenagers. I have been with Qkids for just over 6 months now, and have learned so much about taking Qkids classes and trying to work laughter and fun into the classroom.

As I have come to learn, each child that enters your classroom is different. Some are nervous, some are super excited, some are super shy, and some are just so gosh darn cute. All of these kids have one thing in common, they are here to learn. We as educators have to find a way to engage them, keep them interested, and sometimes find a way to connect them to keep everyone interested.

Have you ever come to the classroom to find that some of your older kids look like Bart from…

Have Fun and Laughing Moments

My name is Teacher Shelley. I have been a Qkids online English teacher since August 2019. My love for teaching began when I was a teenager and was asked to help teach my peers first aid and CPR. This love for teaching did not come right away. In fact, I hated teaching my peers at first. They were bored, showed no interest, and were disruptive in the classroom. I was frustrated and ready to quit, when the instructor of the class, provided a very simple tip to simply have fun in the classroom and make the students laugh.

Have Fun and Laughing MomentsHmmmmm? Have fun? Laugh? That simple tip certainly couldn't be the answer to gaining the student's interest in the classroom. And then I got to thinking of all the teachers I have had, which ones did I enjoy and learn the most from? Although I remember the boring teachers that had a monotone voice and only read from the textbook, but it was those teachers that smiled, laughed, and made me laugh, which really made an impact on me and m…

I Love Qkids Because...

Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer. Teaching for Qkids is fun! But, there are many reasons why I have loved this job. To begin with, let me share my background. I am a mom of now two adult daughters. One of which I homeschooled for eleven years. (That was impressive in itself for me, who never imagined that I would ever homeschool.) But, what an amazing journey it was!

My background is diverse. I have a Degree in Physical Therapy, am certified as a health coach and Hoop Love Coach (hula hooping teacher) and have a license in physical therapy. Some jobs that I have had, or currently have, ranged from being a toddler teacher, circus performer/teacher, health coach, physical therapist assistant, home educator and more.
I love being part of people’s lives by encouraging education while having fun and enjoying life. I believe these things combined are the recipe to thrive in life. Qkids fits that mold exactly. I am glad that I found Qkids for my newest stage in life as my youngest daughte…

Do You Really Need That Many Props?

Kelly is a Qkids teacher from the United States. She has worked with children for over six years in a daycare facility and she has been teaching online for six months! Kelly has worked with children between the age of six weeks and six years old. She helped build an educational curriculum for children between the ages of three and six. When she is not teaching, Kelly is an actress on stage and film. Having learned English as a second language, Kelly has enjoyed teaching children to acquire the language in a fun way as she had! 

Interested in becoming a teacher? Apply here and join Kelly in her teaching adventures! Do You Really Need That Many Props? The #1 Tool in Teacher Kelly’s Classroom One of the questions a new teacher often asks is whether you need a lot of props when teaching online. In addition to TPR, 2D and 3D props can help a lot in creating a fun learning environment while also helping your students create a better understanding of their materials to real-life objects. I have…

Your Biggest Fears About Online Teaching: The Facts and the Myths

Welcome to the online teaching community! My name is Teacher Megan, and I am from the Northeast United States. This area is famous for apples and hiking, and I love both! I am a big fan of all things nature, and animals of all shapes and sizes (including my two little fluffy dogs).

Your Biggest Fears About Online Teaching: The Facts and the MythsOver the past three years, I have received so much help from other online teachers. It’s a great thing to be able to draw from the experiences of people who have been where you are now. Especially when you are just getting started! I remember those days -  I had some big fears and sooo many questions. And sometimes it seemed that teachers were so happy to refer me to their company, that they were afraid to mention any challenges online teaching might entail. Well, that’s not what this blog is about! Let’s hear the real story – the fears you have about online teaching addressed! What If I Can’t Make Money? Fact: You Can Make a Solid Income Teaching …