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Hello fellow teachers and future teachers! Fellow teacher Megan here! I have been teaching in online classrooms for a few years now and I have had experience working for several different companies. Yes, that means the past few years have been filled with lots of laughs, kiddos, and coffee!

For a long time, I was completely unaware that the online teaching community even existed. I had no idea that there were so many companies and teachers out there! Once I wanted to become an online teacher myself, it seemed very overwhelming. I was a bit out of my element, and I had so many questions. What should I look for in a company? Which company would work the best for me? Which companies are reliable and professional and which aren’t?

It took me a lot of time, research, and trial and error to find the answers to these questions. Let me save you some of the trouble by addressing some of the things you may have wondered about Qkids!

What Makes Qkids Different?

If you have been researching different companies yourself, you already know that not every company is created equal. What do I mean by that?
Here are some things to look for in a great company:

1. Good Communication

In the past, I have dealt with companies that are terrible at communicating with their teachers! They take a long time to address your problems and concerns- sometimes even the urgent ones you are facing in class. It’s no fun having your cries for help go unanswered, and it definitely causes more stress and issues when you are left in the dark. Qkids does an excellent job of replying promptly to teachers, whether it is a classroom emergency or an email. It’s wonderful to be in the loop, and also to have that back-up there whenever you need it!

2. Mutual Respect and Professionalism

You can tell when a company respects their teachers. They are willing to work with teachers through issues and listen to the teacher’s suggestions and needs. They treat their teachers like valuable members of the team. They stand behind their teachers when parents are unkind or unfair.
The problem is, you won't know how a company treats their teachers until you sign up to work for them! One of the things I was most impressed with when I joined Qkids was the respect and kindness that they show to their teachers. They handle matters professionally and fairly – which honestly makes it a pleasure to work for them!

3. Class Material and Scheduling

Let’s not forget, the classes themselves! You can love the students and the company- but if the class material that you are teaching is not professional or well developed (or fun!) it can be like pulling teeth to teach it!

Qkids has a nice blended course, with progressive classes that include songs, videos, and games. You can both be proud to teach those classes and have a great time because they are a lot of fun. And Qkids fills your schedule! One of my biggest complaints with other companies was that they never gave me a full schedule, which meant I didn't have a steady source of income. If I would complain, they would just tell me that I should open up more hours with them to make up the difference! If a student did not show, I would not be paid for the class- even if I had prepared and showed up on time. All of this led to stress and financial insecurity. Thank goodness Qkids has a student no-show policy that is fair for teachers!

4. Growth and Improvement

Once you become part of a company, you join their mission- you are in it together!
Obviously, it is important to know what direction the company is going in and what your role will be. As I have been working with Qkids for several years now, I have watched the company constantly strive for improvement. They offer their teachers opportunities for growth whenever possible, and they make sure their teachers are well trained and prepared for new developments. It feels great to be part of such an exciting team!

I’m happy that I found a home at Qkids, but it took me a while to find my way there.
With many companies to sift through, remember that you can’t judge a company based on its website! Be sure to check reviews from other teachers to make sure it is the right place for you.
Happy teaching!

Please leave me any questions about Qkids below- I would be happy to answer!
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  1. Hello! Thanks for the article! I used to work for qkids and I just resubmitted my application using your code. I have better internet now and I'm able to commit to the hours again!


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