Overcoming Discouragement and Negative Feelings

Hello, fellow Qkid teachers. I am Teacher Laurie. I have been with Qkids for seven months and I’ve loved every moment of this adventure. I live at the base of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy hiking and playing games with my family.

Overcoming Discouragement and Negative Feelings

I recently taught a Level 5 class that left me overwhelmed and very discouraged. Nothing I did, or said, made a difference in the attitude and willingness of the students in this class. By the end of the class, I was so discouraged and felt incapable of being a good teacher.
In the days since, I’ve done a few things to help me overcome these negative feelings. I hope sharing my strategies will help you too.

1. Kids Are Kids

Remember these children are little humans too. They have good days, and they have bad days. Many times, they are tired and don’t want to participate. Give them the benefit of the doubt and encourage them even when they don’t seem to care.

2. Ignore the Red Tags

Easier said than done, I know. Remember, an occasional red tag is not a reflection of the teacher you truly are. When I get especially discouraged, I go back and look at my green tags. It always helps me remember the fun times I’ve had teaching.

3. Join House of Qkids Facebook Page

This is a great resource for daily doses of inspiration and encouragement. Many Qkid teachers post about the amazing moments they’ve had during their recent classes. I often feel the love of these teachers radiating out through the words they write. It gives me hope and the motivation I need to keep teaching and stay positive.  

4. Review Qkids Training

I often think back to my first few demo classes. They were difficult and tech issues were common. The training videos became my lifeline as I worked through the first week of a full schedule. Qkids recently provided us with even more training. I am thankful for these videos and practice materials. I encourage you to take advantage of the training and practice they provide.

5. Keep a Journal

I keep a record of my favorite Qkids memories. Inside my Qkids journal is the story of a mother who I heard in the background of a class singing “If your happy and you know it” to her crying baby. Another sweet memory comes from Marcus who proudly announced his father was a policeman and “he catches all the bad guys.” He will always be in my thoughts when I teach the lesson about policemen and policewomen. Lastly, I will always remember Shayne who brought his flute to class to show us. On the leaderboard, he played me a beautiful song and lovingly waved goodbye. These precious moments prove to me that I am a good teacher because of the supporting environment I provide.

Discouragement will happen during your time as an ESL teacher. Learning to quickly overcome discouragement and negative feelings will help you be the teacher you know you are.  
I would love to help you on your journey as a future Qkids teacher. You can email me directly at  byuladdie@gmail.com.  You can also start the application process here: http://teacher.qkids.net/ref?code=ZALYZF  

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