I Just Have Taught 500 Classes and This Is What I Have Learned….

Hello, Qkids teachers, my name is Teacher Michelle.

About Me: I am from Central Virginia and a Mom of two children, who are not so young anymore; 16 and 20. I have been married for 23 years to my college sweetheart, Dave. I also have 2 dogs named Cookie and Funnie. I enjoy having family time and being outdoors in the sun hiking, be near or on any water, and just relaxing in a hammock.

 I Just Have Taught 500 Classes and This Is What I Have Learned….

Currently, I have been teaching with Qkids for about 9 months. In that time, almost 500 classes since April 2019.  At this point, many can say that classes have been repeated so you get used to teaching them. When Science classes were offered, they are what I primarily taught over and over until I knew what questions may be asked, the flow of most of the classes, and what needed to be reinforced.  It has been a while since I have taught those classes, but I am now teaching Phonics classes most of the time. The same thing has happened… you get used to how the students act, what may need to be reinforced, what excites them, and how much time is needed on each slide.

Learn the Flow:  

This is helpful because classes can change within minutes before you teach. Once you learn the flow of most classes, you can jump into a class that you never have reviewed before. One thing that I do is look at my assigned classes once they are scheduled that I never have seen before just so I can get an idea of the objectives, games, how many slides, and my timing. Even if a class may change, you at least were given a chance to review a particular lesson so it may help you if you are assigned the class another time.  It won't be necessarily new then. You will get the hang of things. Of course, sometimes it feels like you are patting your head and rubbing your stomach, but 30 minutes generally goes by quickly. If you are smiling and the students and parents are happy, you can check the class off as a good class!


They will be watching most of the time. Sometimes it can cause nervousness, but other times it is a disruption if they are talking too loudly. Most of the time though, they are a welcomed addition to the class. A parent can be supportive of not only their student but you as the teacher. Many times, they do know English pretty well, so they can talk to you if there is a problem, but truly just as one parent to another will share smiles, laughs, and encouragement.


Learn from your feedback. Especially from your Coach, but even from the parents. Those dreaded “red tags” most of the time provide you with a reflection of what you are doing. Maybe something needs to change. Maybe you had a bad day, weren’t feeling yourself, or were recovering from an illness, we all have room for growth. We can learn from our feedback, but also our peers. I love being part of the Qkids Facebook groups because they help you to feel like you are not alone. They provide support, encouragement, and help when it is needed.


If you are like me, you are thrilled to be a teacher with Qkids! The students are adorable and brilliant and the Qkids staff is loving and compassionate. It also doesn’t hurt to earn some money for our families as well as feel like you are making an impact on these young lives.  

I hope you found this helpful to make your teaching world better with Qkids! And if you’re thinking of joining the Qkids family, check out their website by clicking here: http://teacher.qkids.net/ref?code=BGGAMK My referral code is BGGAMK.

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