De-Stress Yourself Between Classes with Yoga!

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De-Stress Yourself Between Classes With Yoga

I love teaching, but it can really take a toll on our whole body and mind, especially in this busy season!

I don't know about you, but when I am teaching a Qkids class my whole body is engaged. After the rewards screen, I usually let out a big sigh to release some of that tension. When I stand up, I can really feel it in my back and legs. 

I have been doing Yoga for about a year and have learned how to take my Yoga practice with me throughout my day to de-stress as needed.

I have started doing a few Yoga stretches to relax me before and after class to release some of the tension I build during the class or even anxiety about a class I haven’t taught before.  

I realize we really only have about six minutes of "free time" in between classes, but here are a few stretches to relax and reset your body as you prepare for your next class or even relax before bed. You can do these right from your chair! 

To start: 

The Mountain Pose really re-energizes me and makes me feel so powerful!

To start, stand up! Spread your feet wide and put your arms out with palms facing up about a few inches from your sides. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed back and down to open the chest. I can literally feel the energy coming from my hands as I hold this pose.  Hold for one minute and take three deep breaths with an open mouth. Release like you are fogging up a mirror. 
Next, pull your shoulders down away from your ears and clasp your hands together behind your back. Drop your right ear to your shoulder and take two deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Drop your head to your chest and take two deep breaths with forceful open mouth release. Drop your head to your left shoulder and take two deep breaths with open mouth sigh. Look up to the sky and take two deep breaths with forceful open mouth release.  

Next, do full head circles if it feels safe for your neck. Remember to go both ways to even out. 

Next, touch your shoulders. Keep touching your shoulders while you move your elbows together and then back out again while squeezing your shoulder blades together and looking up to the sky. Do that about five times (or as many as you want!) It really loosens up your neck and back area!

Finally, do four shoulder rolls. Pull your shoulders up towards your ears and roll them back. Breathe in when you pull them up and breathe out when you roll them back. 

One thing I have learned by doing Yoga is that we tend to hold a lot of stress in our hips and generally don’t even realize it until we release it!

A great stretch to do while sitting is a seated pigeon. Take your right foot and put it on your left thigh, then lean forward. You should feel this in your right hip. Just breathe in and out to send relief to the area. After dropping your right foot, take your left foot and put it on your right thigh. Lean forward again and breathe!

Doing these exercises should relax your neck, shoulders, and hips to get you ready for your next class! 

I have many more quick and effective stretches coming soon!

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