Best Moments of 2019 With Qkids Students

Hello folks! Teacher Cris right Here!
I have been with Qkids for almost a year now and today I will be sharing with you some fun, hilarious and favorite encounters of mine with Qkids’ students the past year.
It may be hard to get out of bed every day at 4:00 am to prepare and teach a class but these brief moments make it all worth it.

The kids know how to make you laugh. They appreciate you. They randomly praise you to the point you get speechless. They make you cry at times. They stress you even. But hey, that’s given. I would say teaching with Qkids is a roller coaster ride! The best part for me? I love roller coasters!  \^o^/

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Best Moments of 2019 With Qkids Students

Here We Gooooo!!

U ~

I taught a Phonics Lesson “U” one morning
Me: Everybody, big U and small u
3 students: Big U and small u
1 student: Big U and small u, I love you

Baby Animals ~

I had taught a lesson about baby animals at one time.
I took the duckling and said, “duckling”
And when I took out the pig and prompted “pig—“, cute little kids go “PIGLING” 

Goat ~

I was teaching a Phonics Lesson letter “G” one morning and zoned out for a second.
The next thing I knew I was telling the kids
very “goat”!

I Think Not ~

I had 2 adorable kids in a class. A boy and a girl. Then the little girl decided to praise me randomly and said, “teacher is beautiful, very beautiful”.
My reaction
The little boy's reaction

Nemo ~

Me: What is the weather like in China today?
Nemo: Teacher, I’m not in China. I am in Canada. My daddy moved us here.
\^o^/ * Yes, our Qkids students are all around the world! * \^o^/

Siri ~

I had a student named Siri one time
I use a MacBook Air.
And I don’t know why it did not occur to me.
-but during the introduction, I greeted her and said “Hi Siri” and out of nowhere actual Siri got activated and closed my software

Tooth ~

It’s not very often that you will get to teach a kid twice since the assignment of classes is random for teachers unless you were requested by the parents themselves.

One time I had taught a little boy who was already good at speaking English and during the lesson his mom gave him a strawberry-banana smoothie. He started telling me about it and how loves it.

A few months after that, I had him in a class again! But something looks different.

During the introduction, he told me that the first time I taught him, he had a full set of teeth and now he’s missing his front tooth! He just had to show it off.

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