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Overcoming Discouragement and Negative Feelings

Hello, fellow Qkid teachers. I am Teacher Laurie. I have been with Qkids for seven months and I’ve loved every moment of this adventure. I live at the base of the Rocky Mountains and enjoy hiking and playing games with my family.

Overcoming Discouragement and Negative FeelingsI recently taught a Level 5 class that left me overwhelmed and very discouraged. Nothing I did, or said, made a difference in the attitude and willingness of the students in this class. By the end of the class, I was so discouraged and felt incapable of being a good teacher. In the days since, I’ve done a few things to help me overcome these negative feelings. I hope sharing my strategies will help you too. 1. Kids Are Kids
Remember these children are little humans too. They have good days, and they have bad days. Many times, they are tired and don’t want to participate. Give them the benefit of the doubt and encourage them even when they don’t seem to care. 2. Ignore the Red Tags
Easier said than done, I know. Rememb…

Differences in Online Teaching Styles

Hello! My name is Kristen Harrison and I have been lucky enough to teach with Qkids for 6 months. Before teaching ESL online, I taught science in a brick and mortar high school for 8 years, leaving to spend more time with my family. Qkids has helped make the transition from brick and mortar to online teaching smooth, particularly because they embrace and encourage many styles of teaching.

Differences in Online Teaching StylesAlmost as soon as I was hired, I began scouring Facebook for positive, upbeat groups to join to aid me on my journey as a Qkids teacher. I joined several: House of Qkids, Qkids “newbie” group, Qkids Teachers, Positive Support Group, and Qkids Moms and Expecting Moms. I noticed differences in teaching styles among groups immediately. I began to incorporate different techniques into my lessons, combining the styles of veteran online ESL teachers with my own to create a mode of teaching online that felt authentic and effective. Props vs No-PropsMost teachers seem to f…

Adapting to Disruptive Behavior in Online Teaching

Michaela has a Bachelor of Education degree and has been teaching with Qkids for two years. She is also a brick and mortar teacher and loves how both jobs allow her to meet and support a variety of students. When she isn't teaching, you can find her at the gym, on her yoga mat, or curled up on her couch with some coffee and a good book.

Imagine… You've taught your trials, received feedback from your coach, improved your teaching skills, and successfully been hired!  You're living the dream as they say – meeting new students each day and helping them in their English learning journey. What happens, though, when you finally meet a student who just isn't feeling it? Just plain isn't responding? Actively trying to disrupt the class? As a brick and mortar and online teacher, I'd like to share with you my process for adapting to disruptive behavior. Remember That You’re in an Online Classroom:
If you've experienced slow internet, you know how frustrating it can be. …

I Just Have Taught 500 Classes and This Is What I Have Learned….

Hello, Qkids teachers, my name is Teacher Michelle.
About Me: I am from Central Virginia and a Mom of two children, who are not so young anymore; 16 and 20. I have been married for 23 years to my college sweetheart, Dave. I also have 2 dogs named Cookie and Funnie. I enjoy having family time and being outdoors in the sun hiking, be near or on any water, and just relaxing in a hammock.

I Just Have Taught 500 Classes and This Is What I Have Learned….Currently, I have been teaching with Qkids for about 9 months. In that time, almost 500 classes since April 2019.  At this point, many can say that classes have been repeated so you get used to teaching them. When Science classes were offered, they are what I primarily taught over and over until I knew what questions may be asked, the flow of most of the classes, and what needed to be reinforced.  It has been a while since I have taught those classes, but I am now teaching Phonics classes most of the time. The same thing has happened… you get …

Best Moments of 2019 With Qkids Students

Hello folks! Teacher Cris right Here! I have been with Qkids for almost a year now and today I will be sharing with you some fun, hilarious and favorite encounters of mine with Qkids’ students the past year. It may be hard to get out of bed every day at 4:00 am to prepare and teach a class but these brief moments make it all worth it.
The kids know how to make you laugh. They appreciate you. They randomly praise you to the point you get speechless. They make you cry at times. They stress you even. But hey, that’s given. I would say teaching with Qkids is a roller coaster ride! The best part for me? I love roller coasters!  \^o^/

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Best Moments of 2019 With Qkids Students Here We Gooooo!!
U ~ I taught a Phonics Lesson “U” one morning Me: Everybody, big U and small u 3 students: Big U and small u 1 student: Big U and small u, I love you

Baby Animals ~ I had taught a lesson about baby animals at one time. I took the duckling a…

Qkids or Another Company? Why Choose Qkids

Hello fellow teachers and future teachers! Fellow teacher Megan here! I have been teaching in online classrooms for a few years now and I have had experience working for several different companies. Yes, that means the past few years have been filled with lots of laughs, kiddos, and coffee!
For a long time, I was completely unaware that the online teaching community even existed. I had no idea that there were so many companies and teachers out there! Once I wanted to become an online teacher myself, it seemed very overwhelming. I was a bit out of my element, and I had so many questions. What should I look for in a company? Which company would work the best for me? Which companies are reliable and professional and which aren’t?

It took me a lot of time, research, and trial and error to find the answers to these questions. Let me save you some of the trouble by addressing some of the things you may have wondered about Qkids! What Makes Qkids Different?If you have been researching different…

Talking to Your Students About Coronavirus

Hi, Qkids family! I'm Teacher Angela. I'm an online ESL teacher and a stay-at-home mom from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I love reading, swimming, my pets, and my family. I've been teaching for three years now and have loved every minute of it! I've been with other online ESL companies, but Qkids is my favorite!
Coronavirus seems to be everywhere lately (both literally, by spreading around the world, and in its domination of the world’s media and conversations). As both a teacher and a registered nurse, I’ve put a lot of thought into the question of how we can engage with our students respectfully and meaningfully around what can be a difficult subject? Here are my top five tips. Let Them Take the Lead I've found that, while some of my students are keen to talk about Coronavirus and how it's affecting them, others are totally uninterested. I have taken the approach of waiting for them to bring it up and letting them share what aspect of this they're interested in…