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My name is Chayla Soden. I am a Qkids teacher from the United States, a mom of one, a writer, and a dog trainer/breeder. I always enjoy great English literature and philosophy, plus German Shepherds!

There are plenty of different suggestions all of us online teachers can give to get your student's attention (and keep it)! In this post, we'll explore a few of the most successful options out there.


Qkids is a fantastic company to be a part of not only for their amazing staff and attention to detail in each lesson but also for their platform! The Qkids platform comes loaded with amazing tools that, if used frequently, will capture your student's attention throughout each lesson.
One of these amazing tools is the spotlight tool. I absolutely love using the spotlight tool! You can drag it over a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. that you want your students to pay attention too.
Next up is the marker tool! The marker is great for underlining phrases, writing out letters and numbers, or even attempting bad drawings to amuse the students.

Last, and probably my most used tool for extension purposes, is the textboard. This tool is a life-saver. When you get to the new words slides that have single phrase cards, after you spotlight the word(s), underline them with the marker, just grab a textboard and use the phrase in a sentence you make up! I notice that attentive students who don’t repeat after me when I use the new phrases in sentences almost always repeat with me when I put my sentence up in a textboard.

Rewards (Diamonds/Praise/Etc.)

Next up in our bag of tricks to keep students interested in our online English class with Qkids is Rewards! Again, Qkids gives us all we need on the platform already.
The most common reward is diamonds. Shower those students with as many diamonds as you want (diamonds permitting) after they win a game or demonstrate great English skills. Of course, you'll want to keep all present students near the same diamond count to maintain a level of fairness but don't be shy. Click that diamond button over and over, either in reward all mode or individually, for rewards!
Another great reward is praise. It’s easy and you should be using it all the time. Some mornings, I find myself repeating “good job” so much that students say it before I do! As embarrassing as that is, you can always mix it up. I’ve thrown a “perfect” or “wonderful” in there and it’s adorable seeing the students turn to the parents with a big smile.
A reward combo you may not have thought of is putting the students on the board and giving them stickers. This one is great for those lessons that seem to drag on about Momo and Koby. When you notice your students getting listless, pop one up on the board and make them Momo or Koby! It always makes them smile.
Another reward strategy that I’ve come up with on a whim in the online English class with Qkids (again with stickers) is matching stickers to the animation stories. For instance, if we get to the animation story and there are butterflies, I drop a few down on the edges of our screen. If we are playing Bingo, and the word hamburger comes up, I plop down a hamburger. It’s little things like that that can perk your students up!

During class one time with younger students, in a 1v1 practice, I decided to amp things up a bit. I gave each student a trophy above their image and after they successfully did the exercise, eventually stacking diamonds on top of their trophies! This is a great reward and a great extension. I use it all the time.


I have to put props in here as an honorary mention. Many of the teachers at Qkids are either current brick-and-mortar teachers or previous; as such, they love to use props. Props can be a puppet, flashcards, toys… Just about anything that you use to aid your students in learning! Many teachers find that this helps grab students' attention. Personally, I find that Qkids has already done a wonderful job or providing the students with interactive lessons. The additional props aren't necessary. Alongside the amazing lessons, there are just so many tools already on the platform for each teacher to use! I have never thought "I need a prop" during a class! Qkids does not mandate that props are required, either. Woo-hoo! It'll save you money and awkward time looking around your desk for a prop during a standby class if you use the platform!

Happy Teaching!

Keeping students engaged in the online classroom can be a difficult task! With Qkids, you’re given tools such as the spotlight, marker, textboard and stickers to keep your students entertained and interested in each lesson. Of course, if you’re more into a classical teaching style, pull out all the props your heart desires. Make sure each class is your best class!
If you found this article helpful, and are thinking of applying to Qkids, feel free to contact me at after using my referral code: ZMIVEB. I will be happy to assist you in your brand new career with QKids! For my readers that are already teachers, get out there and make the world a better place through Qkids!


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