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Hello, my name is Sandra Morales, but my students call refer to me as Teacher Sandy. I have been working for Qkids for a little over a year. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and have worked with students of all ages since my graduation. My favorite student will forever be my son, whom I homeschooled for two years. Education has always been important to my family. In terms of short-term goals, I obtained my 120 TESOL certificate in order to be better prepared to teach my Qkids students. When it comes to my long-term goals, I plan to be an excellent blog writer for Qkids along with teaching a full schedule. Within the next two years, I plan on working towards my Master's in English.

Today marks the third day in a row that I will be teaching 17 consecutive classes. I know that I am not the only Qkids teacher that is burning the midnight oil and making personal sacrifices to assist Qkids during this very difficult time. The beautiful bond that Qkids teachers share is one that is equivalent to that of a very united family. Qkids teachers can relate to each other, because we often work odd hours, and deal with the same questions every time someone asks us what we do for a living. The most common question often being? Do you speak Chinese?

All jokes aside, this week has been a very challenging week for all Qkids staff and particularly Qkids teachers. The virus that is impacting China has significantly obstructed the daily routine of the Chinese families we have the pleasure and opportunity to work with daily. Chinese children are experiencing a time of confusion, and as teachers, we can agree, that these children are also our children. The call to action by Qkids staff for teachers to take on additional classes was resounding. I would be lying to you if I said that my commitment to teaching 17 consecutive classes resulting in a full schedule was initially met with the love and support of my family.
As a matter of fact, my husband told me with no reservations, "I was crazy!" But then he saw my reaction when I watched the news reports on China and the Contravirus and he knew that the humanitarian in me and the selfless heart that I possess had already decided. He offered me his support and my 9-year-old son offered his understanding as well. At the end of the day, love and support are what family is all about.

Then I got to thinking that I would document my venture with photos and inspirational videos aimed at fellow Qkids teachers. The response, love, and support that all Qkids teachers presented on my posts reaffirmed my beliefs that we are indeed a family. Many teachers asked me for advice on how to stay alert and awake for so many classes. Here is a short list of my suggestions:
  • Coffee, coffee, coffee!!! Did I mention coffee?
  • Jog in place or do jumping jacks between classes.
  • Essential oils are your friends, they provide energy and awaken your senses.
  • Keep a variety of throat lozenges near your desk or work area.
  • Peppermint tea or Throat Coat tea help to prevent a sore or hoarse throat.
  • Use a pillow on your lower back to provide additional support when you teach for extended periods.
  • Get up between classes..even if it's just to stretch.

Others asked me for tips on how to prevent sore throat or back pain. While others simply gave me positive memes and the compliments I needed to persevere with this Qkids call to action.  

I want to send a special message to all Qkids teachers. Teacher, you are an amazing asset to Qkids. Your hard work, dedication, and perseverance are seen and appreciated. The Qkids staff and families that we work with value all your efforts during this very difficult time. Whenever you feel as though you cannot teach another class, remember the beautiful smiles on the faces of the children we teach. These smiles will light your path to keep ongoing. Most importantly, know that your Qkids family is simply a message or comment away to offer help, love, and support. At the end of the day, we are all part of an amazing family that surpasses any imaginable boundaries ……and family takes care of the family. We will get through this together and we will grow as teachers and as a family.

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